Train Station Model



Thanks to all of those that gave some feedback, here is now the final train station model by Smig. Please note that this model is not designed for interior use, so it is mainly in use for the Landscape. The model is based on a Norwegian train station, the design was completly made from an original photo from 1941. Well mappers, check this out and please give us some maps which include this absolutely amazing model. :)




Train Station

To install this object into your map follow this instractions:

1. Extract your map, using WinRFA.

2. Copy all the files into your map root directory.

3. Add these lines to your map main init.con:
	textureManager.alternativePath bf1942/levels/<<<Name_of_Map>>>/Texture
		(This line goes after the &quot;textureManager.alternativePath bf1942&quot; line)
		(Since the BC editor will change this line on every save you should copy it twice,
		 once with a REM, to be able to change it back)
	run objects/objects
		(This line goes at the end of the file after the &quot;run Sounds/Environment&quot; line)

4. Add the lines in the &quot;Objects\Objects.con.Changes.txt&quot; file to your map &quot;Objects\Objects.con&quot; file.

5. Repack your map, using WinRFA.

6. To place the objects in your map, using the BC editor, you'll also need my BC files as well.


<<<Name_of_Map>>>  should be replaced with the actual name of your map.

The <<<run objects/objects>>> runs objects.con in the objects directory of the map.

An init.con file is not included in this archive to prevent accidental overwrites.

An Objects\Objects.con file is not included in this archive to prevent accidental overwrites.

Have fun,
Smig (Tal)

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