Transformers 1.0 Client Files

The full client files for the Transformers total conversion for BF1942.


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The full client files for the Transformers total conversion for BF1942.

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Download 'transformersv1.0.exe' (89.07MB)

Written By: Marko

The year is 1942

The Autobots and the Decepticons are still lying dead after their horrific crash. As the war within Cybertron continues, Autobots, and ally Cybertronians are being blown up left right and centre. Ultra Magnus, Kup, Hotrod, Springer, Arcee, Blur, Perceptor and the rest of the leading Autobot members have yet to arrive back to Cybertron, for they are on a cargo mission.

Due to the increased loss of Autobots, Alpha Trion realises that as long as the leadership of Optimus Prime and the fighting spirit of his troops are out of commission, then there is no way the Autobots can triumph over the Decepticons. So a search team of everyday ordinary remaining civilian robots are formed and converted into Autobots codenamed the ‘Ranger bots’ to go and find the lost Autobots. However they do not know where the Autobots ended up. But when Ultra Magnus and the rest of the Autobots on cargo duty arrive they mention that they saw two ships heading for Earth, but no one could pinpoint their exact location. In spite of this, Ultra Magnus states that a team of Autobots should be formed to retrieve their allies but Alpha Trion insists that the upgraded Autobots are to stay on Cybertron to strengthen their weakened force.

As planned, the ‘Ranger bots’ scramble on board they’re remaining working ship and head for Earth. But meanwhile, little do they know that Shockwave has latched on to their plot, and sends five of his own to Earth called the ‘Riptercons’, not just to revive their Decepticon allies, but also to irradiate the already fallen Autobots permanently.

Now without them knowing, the ‘Ranger bots’ are in a position where they are competing against time to find their allies, revive them and get back to Cybertron before the ‘Riptercons’ get there first. And, during a second world war on Earth its not going to be an easy journey.

The Transformers Modification Version 1 for Battlefield 1942 v. 1.6d

ReadMe v.0.8 English version

1. Install
	A. Install
	B. Mod Shortcut & Intro Video
	C. Uninstall
2. Transformations
	A. Robot to Vehicle
	B. Vehicle to Robot
	C. Recharge Time
3. Player Classes
	A. Scout
	B. Assault
	C. Anti-Tank
	D. Medic
	E. Engineer
4. Vehicles
5. Maps
6. Parachutes
7. Credits
8. Troubleshooting / Learn more
9. Contact

A. Installation: 
	Run the executable and follow the on screen instructions. The installation program should automatically find your battlefield directory which is where it needs to be installed.

	If you would like to view the intro video you will need to use the shortcut included in the mod directory. If your battlefield 1942 installation is to any directory other than the default you will need to modify the target in the shortcut.

C. Uninstall:
	Click the mod's Uninstall icon in your Start Menu to uninstall the mod.

	A. Robot to Vehicle
		Select the alt mode weapon selection and hold the 'e' key until you have entered the vehicle.

	B. Vehicle to Robot
		Press the 'e' key.

	C. Recharge Time
		The recharge time for transformations vary between different player classes. In order for your transformation to recharge you must have the transformation selected for the consecutive total of seconds listed below.

		scout		10
		assault		30
		at		25
		medic		15
		engineer	20

	Weapons: Sword, Energon Blaster, Hyperscope rifle, Grenades, Binoculars
	Alternate Mode: (Autobot)-Willys Overland Jeep MB (Decepticon)-VW Type 82 Kübelwagen

	Weapons: Sword, Energon Blaster, Cybergen Rifle, Grenades, Binoculars
	Alternate Mode: (Autobot)-P-51 Mustang Fighter Plane (Decepticon)-Messerschmitt Bf-109e

	Weapons: Sword, Energon Blaster, Pulse Launcher, Grenades, Binoculars
	Alternate Mode: (Autobot)-M4 Sherman (Decepticon)-PzKfW Mk.IV Panzer

	Weapons: Sword, Energon Blaster, Particle Blaster, Grenades, Wrench
	Alternate Mode: (Autobot)-M3 Half-Track (APC) (Decepticon)-Hanomag Sdkfz.251 (APC)

	Weapons: Sword, Energon Blaster, Ultrimex sureshot, Det Pack, Mines
	Alternate Mode: (Autobot)-M7 Priest (Decepticon)-SdKfz.124 Wespe

- Autobot Transport Vehicle (ATV) / Decepticon Transport Vehicle (DTV)
- Laser_Gun (turret)
- Def Gun

- Omaha Beach 
- Battle of the Bulge 
- Bocage 
- Market Garden
- Kursk
- Berlin
- Stalingrad
- Kharkov
- Guadalcanal
- El Alamien
- Tobruk
- Gazala
- Battleaxe
- Coral Sea
- Aberdeen
- Invasion of the Philippines

- Midway (will crash in singleplayer mode)
- Iwo Jima (will crash in singleplayer mode)
- Wake Island (will crash in singleplayer mode)
- TF_Cybertron (Custom Map)
- TF_Rush (Custom Map)

When you bail out of a plane you will quickly notice that there are no parachutes in this mod, but don't panic. Transformers are very tough machines, so you won't really need a parachute. Just try to minimize your forward velocity prior to bailing out and DO NOT LAND ON STATIC MODELS!!! You'll see why.

Many people have helped us along the way and it would be impossible to list every one of them here. The Battlefield community is truly the most friendly and the absolute best community around. To everyone not on this list who has helped us from simply offering ideas to helping us with code, thank you for your help.

The BF News Sites are sometimes taken for granted. They have a very important role in the modding community and we are thankful for all the support they have given us by posting our news. Here are a few of the great BF news sites that cover our mod.

A huge thank you goes out to all of the people hosting and running our mod. We cannot thank you enough.

We would like to thank all the other mods who have helped us and offered support along the way. Here are a few great mods that we want to thank.

Transformers Quake II (TFQ2) - Quake 2 Modification

Galactic Conquest

G.I.Joe Mod

Sketchville Mod

Of course we want to thank our hard working staff.
.:: Active Staff ::.
BumbleBee - (Founder/Admin)
Blackermoon - (Admin)
Elektroscience - (Admin)
Neil - mega_monsta
Asaf Angrest/Genom

.:: Former Staff ::.
Aashh/Paul Papp
Bart Van de Kerkhove/Beefcake
Dan B. Smith/Soundwave
Steve or LiquidSilvA

We would like to thank Red Baron Web Design (RBWD.NET) for the website and hosting. We would also like to thank Genom for the hosting he has provided.

We would like to thank our testers for their time, feedback, and ideas.

And most of all we want to thank Hasbro and their associated companies that created the Transformers that we still love today.

We have an online game manual for our mod at:

If you are having problems with the mod or simply want to learn more please view our manual.

For a complete list of important links view the ReadMe.html file in your "Battlefield 1942/Mods/Transformers/" directory.

You can contact the Transformers Mod through our website at:

Our Official Contact Form:

BumbleBee - Mod Founder, Administrator

Elektroscience - Lead Modeler, Administrator

Blackermoon - Coder, Administrator

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