Transformers Flat

A new custom map for the Transformers mod!


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A new custom map for the Transformers mod!

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Readme- Flat 

1. Installation Instructions
Simple; just like any other map, extract to your Transformers/Archives/BF1942/levels folder (Default C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\Mods\Transformers\Archives\bf1942\levels)

2. Information
This is a custom map for the Transformers mod. It is a Conquest:Assault map. The Autobots start on a shuttle, and must jump down to the Decepticon island and take it over.

3. Info about me
In game name: -=|CT|=- CountChocula
E-mail address:

4. Thanks & Tips
Thanks to the hardworking TF mod devs for letting me beta test and making such a fine mod. Here is my gift to them. Thank you for downloading this, hope you like it and have fun! If anyone's interested I'm also planning on making a CTF map for TF.
Now for the tips...

Autobots- You have heavy ticket bleed. After you jump from the shuttle, keep moving, because you will be damaged. Also try transforming into a plane in mid-air, that'll help you to capture some bases. Teamwork is the key to breaking the Decepticon defense

Decepticons- KEEP YOUR DEFENSE! Position some snipers around the island, keep the Autobots at bay. If they capture the Docks, you'll have to contend with a mobile spawn point.

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