TRT Map Pack 1(Silent Heroes)


A "Silent Heroes" map by Pulaski and Ottasen v. 1.0



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A "Silent Heroes" map by Pulaski and Ottasen v. 1.0

The Swedish armed forces have crossed the border at Meraker. Their targets are Trondheim and Tr√łndelag. A major tank battle is about to take place as the two forces collide head on.

The Swedes took over a small factory area and are using it as their base of operations. The Norwegian Air Base at Meraker has recently been reinforced by a company of Leopard 2 tanks and is on full alert and moving out.

From the guys that brought you TRT Finnskogen comes TRT Meraker, a tank battle map galore.


A "Silent Heroes" map by Pulaski and Ottasen v. 1.0

Finnskogen is located on the border of Sweden and Norway. As the hostilites broke out, a Swedish Saab Grippen fighter was shot down in the area. Norwegian forces moved in, secured the wreckage and buried the pilot with full military honors. Pieces of the fighter were moved to a secure location for intelligence analysis.

The Swedes dispatched a unit to retrieve code books and vital electronics from the Grippen. Their transport helo was shot at and crash-landed in the Forest. A unit of Swedish soldiers is now re-grouping and readying an attack on the Norwegian position.

The combat zone is small and heavily forrested, with creeks and ponds. There are three defensive postions: East Flank bunker, West Flank bunker and The Ridge.

All control points, including main bases can be captured. Main bases are worth more, so the bleed will start faster if you own main bases. There are no vehicles or aircraft on the map. This is pure infantry combat.

Have a nice day.

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Maps should be placed in the following folder   \Battlefield 1942\mods\silentheroes\Archives\bf1942\levels\

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