A nice Mobile AA vehicle :) Looks fun...



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A nice Mobile AA vehicle :) Looks fun...




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A new form of mobile AA the TruckerAA.

I can't help I just like AA guns and this one
is a joy to play with. I really like the "feeling" 
when driving it, second fastest after
scout car.
and it supports a driver and a gunner.

This mod replaces all of the land based
allied AA Guns, an doesen't affect their
naval counterpart.
Unlimited ammo and you're totally unprotected
against enemy fire.

I'm not in for skinning so the original
katyusha skin will do.
I tried to skin it differently for Desert,
Common and Europe but the result wasn't good
so I decided not to submit any new skins 
for the TruckerAA (I just suck at skinning)
Maybe some one else can skin it??????

This mod works both SP and MP (Client and server
must have file).
and has been playtested.

/ Colonel Slaine

Put rfa file in bf1942\Archives

Delete file, but why would you??

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