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Here is the Ultra Test map. This map is for stunts and having fun. Conquest only. Included in the zip is the map, a detailed read me, and s...


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Here is the Ultra Test map. This map is for stunts and having fun. Conquest only. Included in the zip is the map, a detailed read me, and several screenshots of the map. In the readme there are several tips and hints.


The only reason why it is called 0.7 is because a final version MAY be release one day, and I just want to be prepared. But that doesn’t mean that map is buggy or incomplete. It is finished as far as I know. Well…Happy stunting.

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Download 'ultratest01.7.zip' (7.51MB)

Read me for:

Ultra Test Map!
Version 0.7
First Public Beta Release.
Made by SystemERRor

Well Thanks for downloading my map.  In this read me I have all the hints and tricks in the map (of which there are many) and also any current bugs or known errors.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or want to help me make maps just send an email to- pocius@optonline.net 

If you wish to modify this map, change it for another mod, or use it in it in one whole piece for something, I would appreciate if you emailed me first-but generally I am very happy with any improvements of ideas. Also if you are a map/mod team, I’d be happy to join up with you.

Lastly, if you or your server want to be notified when a new version of the map is released (Don’t worry, only 2-3 versions total will be made-just to iron out bugs) Just send an email to me saying you want to join the notification list and that’s it.

But please once again, any suggestions/comments I would love to have, as it would make the map a lot better. And if you decide to play this map on your server rotation, I’d love to know so I could come enjoy it.


To install this map, just put the ultra test folder in your battlefield 1942/mods/bf1942
/archives/b41942/levels folder, or wherever all your maps are located.

Tips + Tricks:
When trying to jeep-jump the bridge, it can either be powered down as fast as possible (as long as you don’t turn too much on the bridge) or starting from the top of the hill above the bridge and going down slowly. Either way works.

If you are on the far side of the bridge in a jeep and want to cross back, just drive off onto the lower section below the opposite side.  If you keep driving on this road beneath the main jump, you will pop back up on the main jump.

To get up the uber-ladder, you have to climb all 3 parts. When you get to the intersection of 2 parts, just jump a bit while climbing to latch onto the other ladder. To get off, just climb to the top, jump off, and move toward the extended bridge.  

When trying to fly the plane from the allied base, just be sure to get lots of speed and to pull up once you get off the cliff.

To fly the plane off the bridge on either on axis base or the hill with no king, just fly so that the plane is centered on the bridge.  The sides of the bridge should not damage the plane, and you should be ok if you get the speed to take off.  

The artillery on top of the hill with no king can hit nothing (just so you know)

When trying to get to the mansion control point from the far-bridge control point, when crossing the mountain pass be sure to just move on the flat ground, and when you get to the mansion, just walk carefully up to the balcony to get it.  

The big cannon on the high ground can strike vehicles down by the far bridge.

Some minor terrain deformations, but nothing that hampers game play.

Things I Want
Map description 

Balanced teams

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