Umm Qasr Harbor

Woah, a beautiful map. It is based upon the real harbor in Iraq, with a small island out to sea to serve as the American's base. Take a l...


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Woah, a beautiful map. It is based upon the real harbor in Iraq, with a small island out to sea to serve as the American's base. Take a look at these pictures, then download!

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Download 'dc_umm_qasr_harbor_38d.rar' (41.73MB)

10:12 PM CST 7/9/2003

Thank you for downloading "DC Umm Qasr Harbor" for Desert Combat .38d!

This (DC Umm Qasr Harbor) is a work in progress, and I gladly accept comments, 
suggestions!  (contact information of author at bottom of page...)



Please place the "DC_Umm_Qasr_Harbor.rfa" in    
>>>>  Battlefield 1942/Mods/DesertCombat/Archives/bf1942/levels  <<<<
You will see that all of the other DesertCombat maps are in this directory  
(DC_LostVillage.rfa, DC_Al_Khafji_Docks.rfa,...etc.)



DC Umm Qasr Harbor is intended for use in Desert Combat version .4 (upon its 
release).  It will not be COMPLETELY finished until that time.
I do, however, welcome any tips and bug findings for this .38 version!


What needs to be done for DC Umm Qasr Harbor's DC .4 release:

-Objects to appear in minimap
-Object Shadows
-Perhaps Some Object Lightmaps
-DC .4 Vehicles to be added (of course!)
-Bug fixes, and some changes as per requests


Known Flaws in DC Umm Qasr Harbor:

-Somewhat choppy even with a good video device (GF4 Ti4600) in the 
        &quot;Mountain Village&quot; control point.
-Land appears in the middle of the Persian Gulf (at the edges of the map when 
        flying over the water)  OH NO!  This is due to the fact that BF maps 
        tile themselves to the sides and top like a checker board. Therefore 
        It is not possible to have the appearance of water going on for miles 
        unless water is on ALL edges of the map. (as in Midway, and Guadalcanal)
-Several objects may not be placed accurately yet (too far into the ground, 
        or too far up -creating a gap)
-Spawn points for coalition AC-130 and Naval fleet are confusing and not displayed 
	accurately in the game.  The Navy (any and all ships) spawn points seem to 
	interfere with themselves AND the spawn of the AC-130.  This is unavoidable
	as the spawns cannot be fixed at this time. 


Special thanks go out to the following groups and individuals in no particular order:

-Frederick &quot;Coincoin&quot; Taillon for creating &quot;Editor 42&quot;   
           --Huge help in creating great textures!

-Josh Barger for creating &quot;Madbull's Editor&quot;   
           --Almost everything else!

-Frank and the rest of the Desert Combat team (VERY impressive work thus far!!)

-DICE/EA for creating the amazing Refractor 2 engine

-Iggy (DC team) for his OUTSTANDING custom objects from DC_Al_Khafji_Docks 
            (DC Khafji cargo ship, DC Boathouse, DC Warehouse, etc...)

-The guys at &quot;LanClan&quot; for their EXCELLENT custom objects from DC_Baghdad 
        (Almost the entire city skyline is thanks to them)
	This is a very fun map, too...    INSTALL IT!!

-All of the people from the mapping forums that answered my n00b questions
	Ronin, LordHuh, and Gas from the &quot;DC Maps&quot; forums
	Ctsketch, ArJuBx, Phosgene, (and probably others) at the forums

-Rex &quot;Rexman&quot; Hill and others who contributed files to the 
        &quot;Unofficial SDK&quot; for BF mapping

-Adobe because there is no way my roads would look cool without photoshop!

-All the regulars on my dedicated DC server &quot;DESERT COMBAT :
        Nikko & Co.&quot;  at: for helping me beta test this!

-TheMan for being my Co-Admin and keepin' the virtual law! 
        (when he isn't enforcing the REAL law, that is...)

If I forgot anyone PLEASE forgive me...   
        I am grateful for the help I recieved from everyone out there!



	&quot;DC_Umm_Qasr_Harbor&quot; may not be distributed for retail gain without the
	author's permission.  This map may only be used for the free modding 
	community unless permission granted by the author.  Please do not change 
	this work unless granted permission by the author.
	**Thank you.**

If you have any comments, suggestions on &quot;DC Umm Qasr Harbor,&quot; please let me know!

Thanks again,
	-Nicholas &quot;Nikko&quot; Schmutte

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