A new map by AngryAmoeba features the Allies trying to take control of an underground tunnel controlled by the Axis. Screenies look pretty nice. This map looks to be a fun one.



Made by AngryAmoeba
This is a custom map that runs on original battlefield, or "Vanilla BF".  The Allied forces
start on the surface where they have 4 sherman tanks and 2 willy jeeps.  Their other Spawn
point is in an underground tunnel filled with water.  This is a capturable point, but
beware.  The time that it takes to lose control is set at 25 seconds.  This is plenty of
time for another person to spawn and kick your butt :D.  The Germans to not have a permanent
spawn point, but they have 2 tiger tanks and more landing crafts to get the underground
tunnel spawn point.  
Other cool features:
	-Shattering windows
	-Bomb/Storage Shelter

My map is playable on conquest.  I'm pretty sure Team Deathmatch works, but capture the flag
and team deathmatch are not tested.  Coop is not supported either.
Extract "Underground.rfa" to BF Directory/mods/bf1942/archives/bf1942/levels/
Also, thanks to Alex the Killa.  Your "Tunnel Wars" map inspired a lot of things in mine.
Thanks for downloading my map, I hope you enjoy it.

Find a bug or have a suggestion?
E-Mail me at [email protected]

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