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Recruit Snyder sent if this file that is suppose to fix a few AI bugs: it's a fix for two bugs (AI). - Bots don't use the Sherm...


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Recruit Snyder sent if this file that is suppose to fix a few AI bugs:

it's a fix for two bugs (AI). - Bots don't use the Sherman against infantry and - Bots play "BazookaBattle 1942" when they see enemy infantry. Explained in the Readme.

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BF1942 Unofficial Bugfix (by Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider, DaCrapper)

AI Fix - Strange Bots' Behaviour
1. Use of Sherman tank against Infantry
2. Use of Bazooka against Infantry

Not technically speaking, Bots are stupid. Their brain is the AI. They only do what the AI tells them to do.
This information is stored in various AI files.
The AI hasn't been explored by the modding community (yet), but a few issues were found so far:

1. Bots in a Sherman tank never attack enemy infantry
2. Bazooka is used excessively against enemy infantry

1. DaCrapper found a typo in one of the ShermanAI files to the effect that the Bots are told: 
"Sherman tank is absolutely useless against enemy infantry, so never use it against infantry"
Typo fixed - Bots now use the Sherman as it should be.

2. Allied Bots run around in hordes carrying Bazookas, firing the rockets at Axis infantry - the Bazooka,
however, is an AT weapon with limited effectiveness against infantry. I searched the AI files and found the bug.
There was a wrong value for the weapon strength, Bots believe that the Bazooka be THE ultimate weapon against infantry,
more powerful than any other weapon in BF1942 (by far). I set the value to a more realistic figure (taken from the
Panzerschreck). Still the Bots would use the Bazooka against infantry in certain cases.

Note: Both bugs did not affect the actual weapon strength, just the information for the Bots was false and led to
"misbehaviour" :-)
We 've run tests with manipulated AI files (e.g. telling the Bots they should use their knives against tanks, and not the 
Bazooka, they were all slaughtered). AI bugs affect gameplay and should be fixed.
The Sherman bug was reported to EA and may (or may not) be fixed in one of the forthcoming official patches.


This package contains:
- Readme
- Objects_098Fix.rfa

This install is meant for gamers who don't have their .RFA Archives extracted.
Place Objects_098Fix.rfa in your "Archives" folder in your main BF1942 directory
(e.g. C:\Games\Battlefield 1942\Archives\ - the same directory where the Objects.rfa and Texture.rfa are stored)


This Mod is Single Player only, doesn't work on MP servers (unless the same Mod is installed there).

If you wish to "uninstall" this little tweak or connect to a MP server, just rename "Objects_098Fix.rfa" to 
"ObjectsBugfix-RFA.BAK" or move it to another folder on your machine. 

Recruit Snyder/Schuetze Schneider

Try my "Snyder's Planes with Rockets 1.1", my Hanomag AA, Hanomag AT (2 cm), Hanomag AT 75 or
my Chrome Messerschmitt / Chrome MP40 skins at or at

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