Up The Irons Spitfire

This is a nice plane skin i suggest everyone try.

Heres a bigger shot.



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This is a nice plane skin i suggest everyone try.

Heres a bigger shot.


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Thank you for downloading my new skins for Battlefield 1942.

(I'm assuming everyone has downloaded the RFA EXtractor and etc...)

1. Rename the .dds files you are replacing as ".old" in your texture directory.

2. Download the files into c:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 1942\texture

3. Launch your game and have fun!


UP THE IRONS! Spitfire

This is my latest skin...I can easily say that I had a lot of fun making this Spitfire skin.  I'm a huge fan of Iron Maiden, so I figured I would "tribute" them by making a British Spitfire with their likeness all over it.  Here is a list of everything on the plane:
1.  Pilot's name on left side is "Bruce Dickinson"
2.  "Bring your Daughter...To the Slaughter" under the front wings
3.  "Up the Irons!" on both sides of the fuselage near tail
4.  Blood stained plane all over.....just looks awesome!
5.  Eddie logo from "Killers" located on both sides of the tail
6.  Iron Maiden logo on rear fuselage on bottom
7.  666 is the plane number   >:)
8.  Azag-Thoth 2002 on bottom of fuselage <----my signature



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