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This map was created by Jeffrey Cranmer on 12/09/2003This is a TeamDeathMatch/Conquest Map. The game consists of both large Naval team...


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This map was created by Jeffrey Cranmer on 12/09/2003This is a TeamDeathMatch/Conquest Map. The game consists of both large Naval teams Japanese/USA. During the era of this war the US was having problems transporting bomber planes to the war zone the bombers were set on a remote island. whoever takes over this Island will have control of a very powerful airfield. Since this is a game the outcome would only be as fictional. Have fun and enjoy this map it supports up to 32 players.This map runs great on my gforce 440. Any problems please contact me at Wizass@comcast.net

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After the Pearl Harbor disaster, with the destruction of the battleship squadrons in the Pacific, the U.S. Navy could not make any real counteroffensive against the Japanese for some time.But, luckily, the U.S. carrier squadrons had not been at Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.These carriers were the U.S.S. Lexington, the U.S.S. Saratoga, and the U.S.S. Enterprise.In Washington, the new Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Ernest J. King, ordered Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, new commander of the Pacific Fleet, to use these carriers to harrass the Japanese while American naval strength was being rebuilt.King order a fourth carrier, the U.S.S. Yorktown, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.This was fortunate because on January 11th, the Saratoga was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine and was out of action for several months.

Late in January 1942, the Enterprise joined the Yorktown near the Samoan Islands.Under the command of Vice Admiral William "Bull" Halsey, these two carriers, along with several crusiers and destroyers, raided into the Japanese-held Gilbert and Marshell Islands during the first days of Febuary.After inflecting some damage, they returned to Pearl Harbor.Then, Halsey's Enterprise group struck Wake Island on Febuary 24th, and Marcus Island on March 4th.Earlier in Febuary, a task force built around the Lexington, under Vice Admiral Wilson Brown, made a daring attempt to strike the growing base at Rabual, on New Britian.The Japanese discovered the force before it could make its attack, and struck back with land-based planes.Fighter planes from the Lexington fought off the attackers, but, knowing the his attack would not be a surprise, he withdrew.Then, Yorktown joined in the fight with Brown's Lexington group.He decided to attack Japanese forces that had just landed around Huon Gulf in northeastern New Guinea.He surprised the Japanese this time, sending his attack planes over the Owen Stanley Mountains of eastern New Guinea.This was the most successful raid the U.S. Carriers had made yet; they sank two small warships and a transport, and damaged several other vessels.

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