Urban Desert Combat (Mac Client Files)

This is the Mac Client Files for the newly released Urban Desert Combat!


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This is the Mac Client Files for the newly released Urban Desert Combat!

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Download 'urban_dcv0.0.3fullmaccliet.zip' (141.07MB)

Modicon Studios

- About Urban Desert Combat
- Requirements
- Install Instructions
- Future Plans/Goals
- Change Logs
- Contact

About Urban Desert Combat
In a parallel universe America never invaded Afghanistan or Iraq. Now the fight has come to America.

- Battlefield 1942 Version 1.61b
- Desert Combat Version 0.7
- Urban Desert Combat Version 0.0.3
- Punkbuster to play online

Install Instructions
- Make sure your BF1942 game is patched and up to date.
- Install the truely awesome Desert Combat mod (www.DesertCombat.com)
- Extract the "Urban_DC" folder to your ".../EA Games/Battlefield 1942/Mod/" folder.

Future Plans/Goals
"IF" this modification has any success, I plan to release "my" files (3ds, psd, gmax, etc) in the next version as open source. That way others can continue the project by releasing or submitting their own flavors of the mod.

Beta 0.0.3 Change Log
- Raised Binoculars TimeToLive
- Removed or Replaced scud-b from maps
- Added some Armor to War_At_Home map
- Fix: Can enter enemy vehicles on Hurricane map
- Few Object Spawn changes to War At Home maps
- Changed map name The_Hurricane_Day2 to The_Hurricane_In_Progress
- Added rain to The_Hurricane_In_Progress
- Added UDC_Lobby map
- Added some new textures
- Added signcom2b_m1
- Removed misplaced sidewalkc from The Compound maps.

Beta 0.0.2 Change Log
- Added weapon icon to suicide vehicles
- Lowered FireDelay on suicide vehicles (instant)
- UDC_War_at_Home
- Moved/Replaced wrecked pick statics with cars
- UDC_War_at_Home_Day2
- Removed A10
- Replaced Helis
- Replaced some axis land vehicles w/ suicide vehicles
- UDC_War_at_Home_Day3
- Focus on city battle
- UDC_The_Compound
- Removed glass windows (was causing server)
- UDC_The_Compound_Small
- Battle over two control points
- Fixed CTF
- UDC_Hurricane
- Fixed hightmap
- Added a few player spawns at axis main
- Removed some unused files

Beta 0.0.1 Change Log
- New map UDC_The_Compound (BumbleBee)
Added VCC Building objects
Added Ford Festiva, Nissan Primera, Yugo, and Geo Metro static Objects
- New map UDC_The_Hurricane (BumbleBee)
New Building Textures for several DC7 buildings
- Support for Original Battlefield 1942 maps
- Support for Original Desert Combat maps
- Added DC_Urban_Nights map (OldManDagley)

Alpha 0.0.1 Change Log
- New H.U.D.
- New Menu
- New map UDC_War_At_Home (BumbleBee)
- New Statics
Several New Buildings
2 build your own buildings
Many street signs
Many comercial signs
New Props
News paper machines
Trash cans
Park Bench
Flower Pot
USPS Mailbox
And Many More
- Vehicle Alterations
Pickup truck - Huge explosion after honking horn
Lada car - Huge explosion after honking horn
- New Textures
Pickup truck (3)
Lada car (3)
- Much more!

Email: [email protected]
Mod Website: http://www.ResemblesReality.com/UDC/
Server: http://www.PunchAndPie.co.uk
Webhosting: http://www.rbwd.net

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