VietCong Soldier Skin

vietcong.zip —


This Skin changes the Japanese Soldiers to VietCong. Interesting...




These skins are new VietCong skins that overwrite the japanese skins.  I have included 
the original jap skins so you can overwrite the jap skins and play with the VietCong skins
then reinstall the original jap skins when you want to play with them.  

You also get 2 new VC faces to go with the skins.  This is my first attempt at skinning for
BF 1942.

To install just extract everything to an empty folder on your desktop
Then open the folder called VietCong and copy and paste everything into your :
Battlefield 1942/textures   folder.  Just copy and paste the originals into your
Battlefield 1942/textures   folder when you want to switch back to the jap uniforms.

My nickname is Rhino592 

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