Now u can see the bombs. Nice work Erich. Pictures:


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Now u can see the bombs. Nice work Erich.




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Visible bombs
by Erich Hartmann

This file modifies every original plane carrying bombs (except the B17) 
to carry visible bombs, since I was tired of bombs appearing out of nowhere.

Since all (except B17) original planes will be replaced, most other plane mods
won't work with this (textures will, of course).

PS: Don't care about the tires of the B17 on the screenshot, they're part of a 
seaplane I'm working on and are NOT included in this mod.

Installation Instructions:
Simply extract the objects_356.rfa into
"your Battlefield folder"/Archives
If there already is an objects_356.rfa, change the number 356 into something higher.

Delete the objects_356.rfa, or whatever you renamed it to.

Have Fun

For any bugs or else, email me:
Erich Hartmann

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