vonManstein's No Bazooka Mod (SP)

This mod was made for offline play. The bots would apperntly spawn way to many Anti Tank classes even with no tanks, so this mod removes th...


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This mod was made for offline play. The bots would apperntly spawn way to many Anti Tank classes even with no tanks, so this mod removes that class from the retail maps.

If you are using a custom map, this will not work with it as the changes are made to the maps and not the classes themselves.

The anti tank classes are replaced by engineers.

Check out these other two mods by vonManstein:

vonManstein's Realistic Small Arms Mod (SP) vonManstein's Realistic Troop Kits Mod (SP)

These mods will probably work online, but only with client/servers both having them.

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Download 'vonmansteins_no_bazooka_mod.zip' (22KB)

GAME: Battlefield 1942 v1.1 (may not work for earlier or later versions)
MOD: vonManstein's No Bazooka Mod

This mod is best used with my Realistic Troop Kits Mod.  The Realistic Small Arms Mod is also recommended.


This mod removes the AntiTank class from the game entirely, and replaces it with the Engineer.  This was done by changing the available kits for each standard map, rather than changing the class itself, so for custom maps the AntiTank class will still be available.

Why No Bazookas?

When playing Battlefield 1942 single player, I hated the way that the AI would often seem to make every other soldier an AntiTank class, even when there were no enemy tanks nearby.  This resulted in dozens of bots all firing bazookas at each other.  This is very unrealistic, and made Battlefield 1942 feel like a Quake 3 rocket-fest.  So I decided to do something about it.

In WWII, the bazooka was an American invention, used from 1943 onward.  The Germans copied it in 1944 to produce the Panzerschrek.  The British had their own PIAT from 1943 and used the bazooka as well.  The Russians and Japanese never developed their own bazookas at all in WWII - although they did sometimes use ones they had captured from the Germans and Americans.

Bazookas and Panzerschreks were used against enemy vehicles, and sometimes against bunkers, but never against individual soldiers in the open - it was a waste of valuable ammunition to use it in that way.  Also bazookas were not as common as all that, usually only one per platoon rather than one per squad.

Effect on the game:

Tanks and other armoured vehicles now have a much more focal part in the game, as the best way to destroy an enemy tank is with your own tank or a fighter-bomber.  Infantry are at a real disadvantage against tanks, especially the AI.  AI Engineers are pretty ineffective at the moment with mines and explosives, but hopefully EA will address that issue in a future patch.  The human player Engineer, however, can still save the day for his side by heroically tossing explosive packs onto enemy tanks and detonating them.  

Tanks were little more than bazooka magnets in the original game, relatively easy meat for teams of bazooka equipped infantry, almost to the point that it was hardly worth using them.  With this mod, killing a tank is now a major achievement, and vital to winning the battle for your side!  As the Engineer, often you will need to separate the enemy tanks from their supporting infantry first, just as soldiers did in WWII.  Ambushes are a more important part of tactics.  Also, air support is very important against enemy armour!  Lose control of your airfield and you will probably lose the battle.

For tank drivers and other AFV's, even the lowly APC, Battlefield 1942 is now a much safer place.  AFVs now dominate the battlefield, as they did back in WWII.  Against the AI, you have only enemy tanks, artillery and aircraft to worry about - the infantry pose little threat.


Use Winzip to extract all the rfa files to your main Battlefield 1942 folder.  By default this is: C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/

Make sure you have the 'Use folder names' option ticked!

You need not remove any existing files first.


Delete all the <mapname>_391.rfa files from your Battlefield 1942/Archives/bf1942/levels folder.


Perfectionist on the battlefield1942.co.uk forums for his invaluable support.

Please email me with any comments or suggestions.

EMAIL: tim.s.smith@btopenworld.com


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Good hunting,


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