vonManstein's Realistic Small Arms Mod (SP)



This mod makes changes to the clip sizes, making BF more "Historically" correct.

Im in to making things the way they should be, this guy apperntly knows his stuff.

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These mods will probably work online, but only with client/servers both having them.



GAME: Battlefield 1942 v1.1 (may not work for earlier or later versions)
MOD: vonManstein's Realistic Small Arms Mod

1) Increased (between 50-100%) damage for all infantry small arms weapons including all mounted machineguns. 
Notes: You can kill enemy infantry with fewer shots, but the same applies to you!

2) Increased ammunition for all assault rifles, submachines and rifles - reduced ammunition for pistols.  
Notes: Each soldier now carries as near as possible the same amount of ammunition as real soldiers did in the war. Unfortunately the maximum number of magazines is limited by the game engine to 9, so the k98 rifle equipped soldiers are limited to 45 rounds in total, instead of the 60 carried by soldiers equipped with the No4 rifle.  (The Axis will just have to be more accurate shots!)

3) The magazine capacity for the No.4 rifle has been increased to 10, which is its true capacity.
Notes: Giving Allied soldiers equipped with this weapon a further advantage.

4) The magazine capacity for the MP18, MP40 and StG44 has been reduced from 32 to 30.  
Notes: Historically soldiers didn't load the maximum 32 rounds, because that way with these weapons, the bullets were much less likely to jam in the magazine.

5) The magazine capacity for the Thompson has been reduced to 20.  Thompson-equipped soldiers carry 3 extra magazines to compensate.
Notes: The most commonly used magazine for the Thompson was the 20-round version.

6) The magazine capacity for the Colt has been reduced to 7, which is its true capacity.


Use Winzip to extract all files (game_391.rfa and objects_391.rfa) to your main Battlefield 1942 folder.  By default this is: C:/Program Files/EA GAMES/Battlefield 1942/

Make sure you have the 'Use folder names' option ticked.

You must not remove the existing game.rfa or objects.rfa files!


Delete the objects_391.rfa file from your Battlefield 1942/Archives/ folder.
Delete the game_391.rfa file from your Battlefield 1942/Archives/bf1942 folder.


[email protected] for his early swr-realism-mod, which gave me the idea.
Perfectionist on the battlefield1942.co.uk forums for his invaluable support.

Please email me with any comments or suggestions.

EMAIL: [email protected]


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Good hunting,


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