Wake Buildings



To install these textures all you need to do is click on the auto install program. IMPORTANT : You need to have Merciless Texture sets installed on your system to make this work.

All of these textures were developed by LT.DEADPIE and Stuka

In November 1941, Major Caton takes command of the small Marine garrison on Wake Island. His tendency toward spit and polish upsets the men's tropical lassitude, but Pearl Harbor changes everything. Soon the island is attacked and the Marines pull together day by day; but how long can they hold out?

In this file you will find:-

Main buildings redone Camo net on the bunkers Camo net on defgun + shell holes Supply bunker done in sand bags Air field runway put down

LT.DEADPIE=ISK=/STUKA=ISK= Rebel Creations Team

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