WildWild's BFVideo Collection I

The top 10 best Battlefield videos according to the Wolverines Clan. The only catch is, to watch it you have to first burn the file onto a...


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The top 10 best Battlefield videos according to the Wolverines Clan. The only catch is, to watch it you have to first burn the file onto a CDR and then put it into a DVD drive or player that supports VCD playback. It sounds like a lot of work, but its worth it if you've liked ANY of the other videos in our collection.

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Download 'wlvvcd.zip' (538.13MB)

WildWild's BFVideo CollectionI
Wolverines Clan
Basic requirements to get placed on this CD:
- must be able to 'place' you in the video
- bring across the reality of war.
- based on a real or fictional battle but a battle nonetheless.
- excellence in video production.
- excellence in sound, either in actual real world sound or appropriate soundtrack.
Filesize: 538.1mb

A collection of the top 10 BF1942/Desert Combat videos which capture the combination of the reality of war and playing the game. Some of the best videos ever released by the BF1942/Desert Combat community are now available for you to watch.... Hero, Iwo Jima - pt1+2 and more make the list but in what order :) ? These are the top ten....according to 1stA|CDN|[wLv]WildWild... have fun!

You'll find some info at the website regarding this CD ( http://wlvclan.com ). I *hope* to go through all the videos and say exactly why I placed them where I did. Basically, after viewing hundreds of video's I've come up with the top ten that have been released up till this point...with the obvious disclaimers that this isonly the 1st collection --- I wasn't able to view absolutely every video --- and the top ten does turn out to be a matter of opinion. But I think most of us can agree that these in one way or another are *the* videos that got us into the game. What really got me going on this project was remembering the great videos.... these on the CD.... and then checking my own system before starting the project and realizing that I didn't have many of them. So I went downloading and watching... downloading and watching. It got pretty tiring after awhile... but it was also eye-opening as to how special these videos actually are. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did...many times just watching when I should have been doing something else.

Format: VCD
Requirements: CDR Burner; DVD player that can play VCD's.

Burn with :
Nero (probably the easiest) - make sure all of the files in the zipfile are in a single  folder...bypass the wizard - choose File, then Open, go to the place where you have the files and load the .cue file (under 'Files of type' choose cue to see the file). Pick the file, select Open. Burning at a lower speed will help you burn a successful VCD ( 1x or 2x ) - 'your DVD player will have an easier time reading the VCD.' Write method... Disk at once..
Now put it in your DVD player and press play.....  the main title screen will come up.

Thanks to the video creators for putting the time and effort that they did. Thanks to my wife and little one ( sharp shoeTer :)) for giving me the time. Oh ya.... EA and DICE for a fantastic game....

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