Wolfgang Lippert BF109

File Description: - Depicts the BF109 F-4 Trop flown by Hauptmann Wolfgang Lippert over Gazala in November of 1941.

History: - W...


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File Description

File Description: - Depicts the BF109 F-4 Trop flown by Hauptmann Wolfgang Lippert over Gazala in November of 1941.

History: - Wolfgang Lippert was born on 14 September 1914 at Fraureuth in the Werdau region of Sachsen. He joined the Luftwaffe and, following fighter pilot training, was posted to I./JG 134 “Horst Wessel”. On 15 march 1937, Oberleutnant Lippert was transferred, as a founding member, to I./JG 53 based at Wiesbaden-Erbenheim. Lippert gained his first aerial victories during the Spanish Civil War flying with 3 Staffel of J/88 in the Condor Legion. He amassed five victories in this conflict between the middle of 1938 and March 1939 receiving the award of the Spanienkreuz in Gold mit Schwerten. Following his return to Germany, Lippert was appointed Staffelkapitän of 3./JG 53 on 1 May 1939. He led the unit during the French campaign. He claimed his first victory of World War 2 on 30 September 1939, when he shot down a French Morane fighter in the Wissembourg area. By September 1940, Lippert had increased his victory total to six. Hauptmann Lippert was appointed Gruppenkommandeur of II./JG 27 on 4 September 1940. He gained eight victories over England, all RAF fighters. He was awarded the Ritterkreuz on 24 September after 13 victories. Lippert was to lead II./JG 27 in the invasion of Russia after brief sojourn in the Balkans. Lippert had compiled 25 victories, including his Spanish Civil War victories, by the time the Gruppe was relocated to North Africa at the end of September 1941. He claimed three RAF fighters on 22 November. On 23 November 1941, after shooting down a RAF Hurricane fighter, Lippert was himself hit in the engine while engaged with Curtiss P-40s and Blenheim bombers. In bailing out of Bf 109 F-4 trop (W.Nr. 8469) "Double chevron" he broke both his legs when he struck the vertical stabilizer. He landed behind British lines, was captured and taken to a hospital in Egypt. Both legs became infected and required amputation. He died from an embolism after the operation without regaining consciousness. Some sources indicate that Lippert was shot down by the Australian ace Clive Caldwell (28.5 confirmed, 6 probable and 15 damaged victories) of 250 Sqn, RAF. Wolfgang Lippert was credited with 30 victories. His score included five victories gained during the Spanish Civil War and four victories claimed over the Eastern front.

Changes: - None that I am aware of. From the pictures I have of this plane, nothing had to be changed to work with the ingame texture. It should be historically correct...

Map: - This is an historically correct plane that flew over Ain El Gazala, so I would suggest using it there ;)

Installation: - You must have Merciless Creations TexturePack to be able to use this skin in the proper map setting. - Drag and drop the /dds files to your Gazala map folder, and play the game :)


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