WW2: A MOMENT IN TIME by LT. BRICKS "A tribute to World War II and those who fought in it."



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WW2: A MOMENT IN TIME by LT. BRICKS "A tribute to World War II and those who fought in it."

This movie is very well, produced, and you should really watch the credits. ;)

The flickering isn't that bad, and hardly noticeable, and only happens a couple of times.

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July 12, 2003

World War 2: A Moment In Time

This is the 1st movie I've ever made.
I made it for, and dedicated it to my father.

He served in World War 2, was captured by the Germans and later a POW.
He was taken to Nazi Germany, put to work and treated like a slave
like so many others during the war.

Compressed using DIVX 5.05
You should have DIVX codecs installed to view this movie.


VOLUME should be turned up to watch this movie!

Make sure you watch the movie all the way to the end, past the credits,
there's a little teaser waiting there.

(Wait for the "CAST" credits)

1) Watch and listen to the movie with headphones on.
There's a lot of "ear candy" that you'll miss if you don't.

2) Or, if you have a decent speaker system, crank up the volume.
I recommend investing in a set of Klipsch speakers.
They're the "Porsche" of speakers.

There's many sounds that you won't hear as they're meant to be heard,
if you don't do one of the two suggestions above.

Running time: about 13 minutes
Filesize    : 220,135,424 bytes used (about 214mb)

Known Problem:
I'm aware of the small "flickers" during the movie.
This is my 1st movie, and it was also the first time I'd used Video Vegas 
software, and to fix the "flickers", I would have had to lose a lot of work 
and completely start over - I was too far along already to do that, so I 
said the hell with it, the next one should be flicker-free.

Thanks to:

"psychoslaphead" for the RealPlane Mod Version 1.4,
which I used partly in this movie (note bombs on Stuka bomber)
([email protected])

And the team of Eve Of Destruction Mod Version 12%

And the author of the "Cliffs of Dover".
I don't know who made that map, and there was no readme.txt included with 
and their name wasn't mentioned with it in the download section at 

And the author of the "France Hills" map.
Again, I don't know who made that map, there was also no information 
included with it,
nor where I downloaded it.


Contact info:

Lt. Bricks

Email: [email protected]

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