XWW2 2.5 Mapping Tools

XWW2 2.5 mapping kit

Battlecraft files:

-XWWII.lst -XWWII.cfg -Standardmesh folder with all the needed samples files for lightmappin...


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XWW2 2.5 mapping kit

Battlecraft files:

-XWWII.lst -XWWII.cfg -Standardmesh folder with all the needed samples files for lightmapping.

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Download 'xww2_2.5_mapping_tools.zip' (28.18MB)

XWW2 2.5 mapping kit

Battlecraft files:

-Standardmesh folder with all the needed samples files for lightmapping.


Make sure that the path in the XWWII.cfg is the path that you have installed the game in:

for example: [Editor Paths]

GamePath=C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\ 

(this is the one now in the cfg file and is the default location)

If you have battlefield installed on a different location ,BE SURE that you alter this 
line manually as this is the only thing needed to be done prior to start mapping with BC.
( the .lst and .cfg file can be opened and edited with any text editor)

Also important is that if you install Battlecraft for the first time , to be absolutely sure
that you dont have the XWwII.lst and XWWII.cfg file in the directory as it first needs to 
make the default bf1942.lst and bf1942.cfg in its directory.
Battlecraft will do this the first time you run it after a fresh install.
After installment and running one time you can add the XWWII files and when you start up BC
you will see that XWWII can be chosen in the mods window.

The Standardmesh folder contains all samples files and it should be located in the root of your 
battlefield install and has the same name , you can overwrite the folder Standardmesh with this 
one meaning all XWW2 samples will be added to the allready samples that are in the folder.
You can also take the samples out of this folder and add them to the others.



As editor42 is difficult to use but more powerfull on certain parts then Battlecraft its also added.
Cause the links for downloading it, seem to be down quite some time, also the program has bugs
and the support is stopped a while ago , can't help that either

But its the full responcability of the mapper to read the readme included with the program and 
or search for forums how to install the program in order to use it properly.

Added is a folder with a template list with the XWW2 statics added to it for easy placement.
Editor42 doesn't come with an installer so you can put it everywere you want.

Also added is a folder with all the Treemeshes converted to Standardmeshes for ed42 to see the meshes
in the editor , the former place were we mappers could download it is gone so i added mine too.


MDT 2.75 

This is a tool for modders , but for a mapper it can be of great use , especially when you use
editor42 with mapping , in the MDT is a tool called winrfa which you can use for extracting and 
packing the map rfa's.


Debug tool

This tool is also released for modders , but of great use if you have problems with your map.
Read the readme included to understand the use of it before even trying.

All programs added in this mapping kit are copyrighted etc by the makers of the tools and the XWWII
mod cant be taken responcible if anything is wrong with the tools.
Also every other file that is added is for free use for everyone if they want to make maps , when 
the files provided by me are altered and or transmitted by the internet or any other medium , then
automatically the support of them will be lost. 

For the rest i wish you all a happy mapping experience and maybe we see some great maps appear online

Good luck  

For more info pls visit the xww2 forum at : http://xww2.bf1942files.com/phpBB2/index.php
And especially for mappers :http://xww2.bf1942files.com/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=3&sid=4ff7e8df52bccb72d28297edd096b37f

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