XWW2 V2.5 Mappack - Required



The V2.5 Mappack for the XWW2 mod. The Full 2.5 client install is also required for play.



Experience WWII v2.5 BETA Changes
^01. Elco80 Positions Added: (Mastertech)
-Second 2x.50 Turret
-5th Passenger
^02. Elco80 Mines Removed (Mastertech)
^03. Elco80 Torpedoes set to 4 (Mastertech)
^04. Elco80 .50 Adjustments: (Mastertech)
-Muzzle Velocity
^05. Elco80 .50s Crosshairs Removed (Mastertech)
^06. --------------------------- (Changed again later on list)
^07. Bren MK1 Added (Mastertech)
^08. Sten MK2 Added (Mastertech)
^09. --------------------------- (Changed again later on list)
^10. Grant1 Added (Mastertech)
^11. Bullet Drop on all Guns Adjusted (Mastertech)
^12. Visible Ground Kits Added (Mastertech)/(BA)
-M1938, 44
-Panzerfaust60, 100
^13. ------------------------- (Changed again later on list)
^14. Panzerfaust Deviation Adjusted (Mastertech)
^15. M1Carbine with Removable Clip Added (Mastertech)
^16. Deviations Adjusted (BA)
^17. Weapon Ammunition Adjusted (Magazines) (Mastertech)
-Bazooka (6)
-K98 (19)
-MP40 (7)
-G43 (9)
-M1Carbine (8)
-M1Garand (10)
-M1911 (3)
-M1891-30 (7)
-M1938/44 (7)
-Nambu14 (3)
-P38 (3)
^18. Ground Kit LOD Adjusted (Mastertech)
^19. Panzerschreck54 Kit Added (Mastertech)
^20. TT33 Added (Mastertech)
^21. PanzerIVF2 Added (Mastertech)
^22. MG34 Coax Adjusted (150 Round Belts) (Mastertech)
^23. PantherD Added (Mastertech)
^24. No Parachute Code Added (Mastertech)
^25. US and British Airborne Kits Added (Mastertech)
^26. 4th Position on StuGIIIE,F Added (Mastertech)
^27. StuGIIIE can respond to artillery Added (Mastertech)
^28. All Tanks Time Disabled Adjusted (Increased) (Mastertech)
^29. Track Exploit fixed on KT, Tiger1 and Stug. (BA)
^30. Grant1 swapped for the new model of Grant1. (BA)
^31. Deviations updated. (BA)
^32. Tiger II Added (BA)
^33. M4A3E8 Added (BA)
^34. M36 Added (BA)
^35. T34-76 Added (BA)
^37. Added Canadian Early, Mid and Late classes (Zylock)
^38. Removed coax from m10 (Zylock)
^39. Added Projectile 90mm_M3 for M36(BA)
^40. Added Projectile 76_2mm_l11 for KV1, 76mm_m1a1 for easy8, 75mm_mk5_a for Churchill(Spectre)
^41. Added M1919a4.(BA)
^42. Added M1919A4S stationary(Spectre)
^43. Adjusted reload on AA_Allies(Zylock)
^44. Added New e_muzzpanz effects for all new tanks, t34-76, Easy8, and M36.(BA)
^48. Added custom wheel textures to Tiger_II, provided by TNP.(BA)
^49. Added updated Bren sm's with Skin.(BA)
^50. Adjusted M36 projectile to APCBC round verses HVAP.(BA)
^51. Added new textures for the Easy8's wheels. Also removed the upper small grey ones(BA)
^52. Adjusted the Deviation on the Mp40.(BA)
^53. Adjusted the LOD's on the t34-76, m36, tiger ii, easy8, and stugF.(BA)
^54. Rescaled the 30cal.(BA)
^55. Made Drive wheels rotate on E8.(BA)
^56. Made Drive wheels rotate on Tiger_II.(BA)
^57. Swapped in new M1891-30 with straight bolt.(BA)
^58. Adjusted pantherD commander position.(BA)
^59. Swapped in new M1944 with straight bolt.(BA)
^60. Swapped in new Springfield 03 model.(BA)
^61. Added Churchill_VII.(BA)
^62. Added Panzer_III_J.(BA)
^63. Added Projectile 50mm_KwK_L42 for Panzer_III_J.(BA)
^64. Added Type38Boynet.(Boku)
^65 Added Mg42 Handweapon.(Boku)
^66. Added KV1.(Boku)
^67. All Planes recoded by Takiwa. Thanks Takiwa
^68. Added new ammo reload and repair icons.(Takiwa)
^69. All AI coded for all new vehicles.(SK)
^70. Removed vents off StugE.(BA)
^71. Adjusted Tiger_II's Speed.(BA)
^72. Removed modeled in hull gunner barrel on both Panzer3 and PantherD.(BA)
^73. Added Canadian and ECanadian Armys. ECA, MCA, LCA.(BA)
^74. Made Drive wheels rotate on Panther.(BA)
^75. Adjusted gun and gunner height in willies.(Zylock)
^76. Added WillyMB30.(BA)
^77. Remodeled Grant1 tracks to fit.(BA)
^78. Made drive wheels rotate on Priest.(BA)
^79. Made Drive wheels rotate on Grant1.(BA)
^80. Added new class section pics.(TNP/TUUT/BA)
^81. Made drive wheels rotate on Tiger.(BA)
^82. Added 30calS.(Spectre)
^83. New Vehicle icons.(Burp)
^84. Added 30calDeploy.(Spectre)
^85. Added 30calkit.(BA)
^86. Added new ingame.file and lexiconall.dat.(Tuut)
^87. Removed colo mesh from top of Allied APC.(BA)
^88. Added Ship changes. Changed ROF AND Rotation speeds.(zylock)
89. Added New Static’s.(SS, Burp)
^90. Added Type99S.(ZZ)
^91. Added brenMK1S.(ZZ)
^92. Added Type99S to:(ZZ)
^93. Added Ilyushin-2M.(Takiwa)
^94. Added D3A1.(Takiwa)
^95. Added D3A1-T.(Takiwa)
^96. Changed Wespe to single position.(Zz)
^97. Added Donated Iron sights From Joker. Thanks Joker.(BA)
^98. Added M4A2(76)W.(Takiwa)
^99. Made T34-76 Drive Wheels Rotate.(BA)
^100. Made PanzerIVF1 Drive wheels Rotate.(BA)
^101. Added TNT.(Zz)
^102. Added M1891-30Bayonet.(Zz)
^103. Added P-47.(Takiwa) Model Modeled/coded originally snerdley, with major portions of code re-worked by psychoslaphead, re-coded by takiwa, 9/04
^104. Made Drive wheels on all Pz4's Rotate.(Zz)
^105. Made Drive wheels on Chi Ha Rotate.(Zz)
^106. Replaced Expacks with TNT w/5 second fuse.(Zz)
^107. Added Australian army.(TuuT)
^108. added creditmenu.file.(TuuT)
^109. Changed all hand weapon deviations.(BA)
^110. Added Deployed_Type92.(TLB MOD)(Jason05)
^111. Added Yaw camera control to all Aircraft.(Zylock)
^112. Added Webley.(TLB MOD)(Jason05)
^113. Added 20mmAA.(Zz)
^114. Changed Hatsuzuki To use 20mmAA in place of mg42s.(Zz)
^115. Added IJN_Patrolboat.(Zz)
^116. IJN_SpecOps Spawn Kit.(Zz)
^117. Added Springfield Bayonet.(Zz)
^118. Added P-40 and Kittyhawk.(TLB MOD)(Takiwa)
^119. Removed Bombs on Mustang.(BA)
^120. Added Bombs 250lb Bombs to P-40, added 1 500lb to Kittyhawk.(BA)
^121. Added Katana.(TLB MOD)(Zz)
^122. Added Millsgrenade1.(TLB MOD)(Zz)
^123. Added New Tank Sights to all Tanks.(Takiwa WF Mod)(BA)
^124. Added Lynx from 1.6 EA patch, Added BrenMK1S to Lynx.(Zz)
^125. Added Hull gunners to all Pz4s.(Zz)
^126. Added Track sections to Panther, Stug E, M4a2(76)W, Tiger1 and Panzer4H.(Snake)(BA)
^127. G43 with removable clip added.(BA)
^128. Added French75.(TLB MOD)(Zz)
^130. All new effects added.(FG42)
^131. PPSh41 with removable Drum Added.(BA)
^132. Added BAs_Boomer.(Ms)
^133. Added MG42_bunker.(Zz)
^134. Made Drive wheels on M10 & M36 rotate.(BA)
^135. Adjust all Semi-auto rifles ROF up to 6.(BA)
^138. Removed all vehicle and stationary minimap icons.(Ms)
^139. Added Slow fire BAR.(Zz)
^140. Added Suicide Bomber for Japanese.(Zz)
^141. Changed Panzerfaust animation.(BA)
^142. Added TLB Type100.(TLB) (Zz)
^143. Added Melee projectile to tanks.(Zz)
^144. Added new Brit para helmet.(DD)(BA)
^145. Added new Brit and Russian spawn Zooka kits.(BA)
BUG FIXES:^01. Uninstall is not shared Fixed (Mastertech)
^02. Elco80 2x.50 Sound Effect Fixed (Mastertech)
^03. Projectiles Fixed (Mastertech)
^04. Uniform Gravity Drop set on all Tank Projectiles Fixed (Mastertech)
^05. Type99, DP, M1Garand Skin Disappears at a Distance Fixed (Mastertech)
^06. Panzerfaust Kits not loading Fixed (Mastertech)
^07. StenMKII Magazine Rotated Fixed (Mastertech)
^08. Type97Sniper has no Sound Fixed (Mastertech)
^09. Panzerfaust, Panzerschreck Projectile Sounds Fixed (Mastertech)
^10. MG34 Coax Fires out of Correct Side of Turret Fixed (Mastertech)
^11. M1919A4 Coax Fires out of Correct Side of Turret Fixed (Mastertech)
^12. Firefly Driver/Gunner View Port Position Fixed (Mastertech)
^13. StuGIIIE,F Cockpit View Fixed (Mastertech)
^14. Swapped Grant1 SM's files and repositioned the cannon(BA)
^15. Corrected an error with the rocket's attack/defense ID's(Aaron)
^16. Fixed Sherman's no sound for hull gunner.(BA)
^17. Fixed PantherD's projectile, Defense ID were not linking.(BA)
^18. Fixed LOD issue with Grants skin.(BA)
^19. Fixed AI on Tiger_ii, Easy8, M36 and T34-76 plus the AI on the type99 stationary(BA)
^20. Fixed Missing T34-76 drivers hatch.(BA)
^21. Fixed issue with t34-76 rendering wreck model for L1.(BA)
^22. Fixed issue where AA Allies would not reload.(BA)
^23. Readjusted the Grant1s Projectiles to correct penetrations.(BA)
^24. Adjusted the dust effects on M4A3E8's tracks.(BA)
^25. Fixed Panzershrek projectile.(BA)
^26. Corrected the rear Twin mgs on SBD's and IL2 to both fire.(ZZ)
^27. Fixed Mg34 and 42 muzzle flashes.(BA)
^28. Sherman can shoot itself.(BA)
^29. Grants tracks come out the back.(BA)
^30. Fixed g43 animation speed.(Zz)
^31. Fixed LOD issue with stug E & F.(BA)
Static models Added
Bridge_C_Railing.sm SjustaSnake
Bridge_Center.sm SjustaSnake
Bridge_Iron.sm SjustaSnake
Bridge_L_Railing.sm SjustaSnake
Bridge_Long_Ramp.sm SjustaSnake
Bridge_Piers.sm SjustaSnake
Bridge_Short_Ramp.sm SjustaSnake
Carentan_m1.sm SjustaSnake
Gondree_m1.sm SjustaSnake
HorsaMkI_m1_hull.sm SjustaSnake
HotelPipril_m1.sm SjustaSnake
JapaneseBunker_m1_00.sm SjustaSnake
Log_Barrier_Short_m1.sm SjustaSnake
Log_Barrier_m1.sm SjustaSnake
SME_Church.sm SjustaSnake
dteeth_cl3-1_m1.sm daBurp
dteeth_d3-1_m1.sm daBurp
dteeth_d3-2_m1.sm daBurp
exit_mgbunker_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake
lookouttower.sm TBL MOD
regelbau_H677L_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake
trench_DGLargeP1_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargeP2_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargeP3_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargeP4_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargeP5_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargeP6_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargeP7_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargePolesP1_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargePolesP2_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargePolesP3_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargePolesP4_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargePolesP5_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargePolesP6_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGLargePolesP7_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumP1_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumP2_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumP3_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumP4_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumP5_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumP6_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumPolesP1_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumPolesP2_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumPolesP3_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumPolesP4_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumPolesP5_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_DGMediumPolesP6_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_all_Pegasus_m1.sm daBurp/SjustaSnake assist
trench_exitmg_niche_m1.sm daBurp
- Changed G43.(ML)
- Changed MG34.(ML)
- Changed Thompson.(ML)
- Changed Panzerfaust 60/100.(ML)
- Changed STG44.(ML)
- Changed MP40.(ML)
- Changed DP28.(ML)
- Changed PPsH41.(ML)
- Added Sten.(ML)
- Added Bren.(ML)
- Added .30 Cal.(ML)
- Added Katyusha Rocket Launch SFX.(ML)
- Changed Type38
- Changed Nambu
- Added TT-33
- Added Type92
- Added HVAR__________________________________________________
1. KT Left Tread Animation looks wierd

5. Camera Continues to Shake in Aircraft after Ammo is spent
6. Tiger Tank Slides Up Hill
7. Iron Sights show up in Artillery Call

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