Yak 9t Skin

This skin is of a Yak 9T designated "27" of the 3IAK which saw action in the Battle of Kursk 1943.


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This skin is of a Yak 9T designated "27" of the 3IAK which saw action in the Battle of Kursk 1943.

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Download 'yak_9t_-_kursk.zip' (849KB)

Unzip the aircrafts zip file (you won't be reading this having not done so :P).

If you have the Merciless texture sets installed, simply drag the included files over to the coresponding directory to the map you want to use them. If you do not have these installed (and I cant understand why :P) unpack the texture RFA archive with a tool such as "RFA extractor".

Although this aircraft is historically accurate in Kursk, I like to use it in Kharkov too (I too am proud of my work :P)



Basically the exact opposite to the above.

And Finally

Since probably most of you arnt even reading thise bit, do what the hell with you like with the skin, If you want to edit it, you are free to do so but If you release a skin based on this, please put a good word in for me :D

This skin is free to be distributed, If you know of any ways the skins could be more historically accurate, let me know on bill.millership@ntlworld.com

THANKS TO DICE, EA, MERCILESS CREATIONS (for the texture sets), www.bf1942files.com for hosting the skin AND YOU FOR DOWNLOADING THE PACK.

Once again extra thanks goes to Droolpool for the complements on the appearance of the skin (without which I would probably think "aww sod it", and Steam for his guidence on the paint chipping from the wings and nose. 

That's it.


P.S. Can someone please give me some suggestions on what skin I could possibly do next in the comments area for this file on www.bf1942files.com 

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