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"Zimmerit"-Tiger by Jingo Good day everybody,here's another of my skins.It's a Tiger with "Zimmerit"-coating bea...


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"Zimmerit"-Tiger by Jingo Good day everybody,here's another of my skins.It's a Tiger with "Zimmerit"-coating bearing the well-known camo pattern.I put the unit's avatar(505th schwere- Panzer-Abteilung)on the barrel to avoid the mirror effect,shield of 2nd SS-Panzerdivision "Das Reich" on front and back and the bar-cross on the turret as well as some hit marking rings on the barrel. "Zimmerit"-coating vertically,not on wheels.

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As always only dds files,if you don't have texture folder or MC3.7(some like it the hard way!),use MakerRfa to reconvert them.
A big thank you to everyone who downloaded my skins or gave me positive input,Jingo.
               Info about "Zimmerit"
After facing heavy casualties by infantry assault teams placing hollow charge magnetic mines on the hull of their
tanks,the German forces were looking for an effective way to protect their armoured storm troops. In 1943
the Zimmer chemical company found a solution.It was a paste consiting of 40% barium sulphate,25% polyvinyl
acetate,15% ochre pigment(colour),10% saw dust(fill) and 10% zinc sulphide.Although the material itself
didn't have any anti-magnetic abilities,it prevented successfully mines to stick to the iron hull.Also it 
was quite anti-reflective and blurred the tank-shape.
The paste was applied in small waffel-like squares and was left drying for 4 hours. After hardening it with a 
blowtorch,a ridged pattern was created with a spatula(10 different ones for the tanks).
A "grown" Tiger-tank needed 400lbs of the paste!Other vehicles than tanks were rarely coated.
In 1944 because of the rapid advancement in anti-tank weaponry "Zimmerit" had become useless and was followed
by the factory-made "ambush"(Hinterhalt)-camo. 

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