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Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 Concepts Released

This just in, a very interesting mod called Battlefield Concepts is released. I'm quite stunned and excited for this Battlefield 1942 mod so I'm going to get this file posted right away! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! Battlefield 1942 Concepts Mod Released! Source: Full Download (Windows):


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield Heroes Theme Music and Userbars

DICE has released the Battlefield Heroes Theme Music. Including a remixed version to the public for our listening pleasure. They also created unique forum signatures for everyone. Click here to listen and view We received a lot of requests for the funky, fun theme music from the video and we’re happy to put it up for your listening and downloadin...


Battlefield 1942 Merciless Creations has released Merciless 1942 1.6!

The wait is finally over, Merciless 1942 1.6 is ready for download and quality action awaits you... We hope you enjoy campaigning across the NEW battlefields of Merciless Creations Version 1.6. **First please remove All previous version of Merciless from your Battlefield 1942 folder.** Here is a list of some of the changes since MC1942 V4....


Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat .7 Released!

DC has released its newest version. It comes in at a huge 591.3 MB. You can find it here: Also, the readme :) ||||-- Desert Combat changes from .7M to .7N: --|||| - Created Menu Icons for VSS and PSS weapons - convergence tweaked for M2A3 TOW - health and ammo refill removed from spandrel -...


Battlefield 1942 1.6 Patch Released!

EA/DICE has released the newest patch for Battlefield 1942, version 1.6. You can find the various patches here: Full Client 1.6 Incremental Client 1.5-1.6 Full Windows Server 1.6 Incremental Windows Server 1.5-1.6 Full Linux Server 1.6


Battlefield 1942 CTFE Server Manager Update

I'm happy to announce that the CTFE Server Manager is nearing the end of its beta testing stage and will be ready for public release soon. Here's what Brandon at CTFE has to say:Major News! CTFE Server Manager for Linux & more! January 3, 2004 I have found an investor and business partner for my programs. He is financing the development of a linux versio...


Battlefield 1942 DC .5 Released - Download It Now!

The Desert Combat Team has released their first Beta, 0.5L. Get it here: Full Install: Dedicated Windows Server: Dedicated Linux Server:


Battlefield 1942 Forgotten Hope .5 Released

Forgotten Hope .5 has been released! There are two client files, one for the mappack and one for the main installation. Main installation: Mappack: Server Admins, download the server version here. Server version:


Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat .39 Patch Released

Desert Combat The Desert Combat Team has released the patch for .38 - You must have DC .38 for this patch to work. You can find the DC .39 Patch here.