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Battlefield 1942 Merciless Historic Addons v3.5 for BF 1942 now available!

sent in from -==Killah==--: Hello Battlefield 1942 fans and webmasters! I'm writing to advise you of the Merciless Creations Historic Addon Version 3.5 for Battlefield 1942 v1.2. Since you're keen on the BF1942 scene, you're aware of the popularity of our previous releases. Since the rele...


Battlefield 1942 European 1.2 Patch

Some people have already been using the "North American" 1.2 patch on their European Battlefield 1942 and finding that it works just fine. I gleaned this tidbit from BluesNews earlier which seems to confirm what a lot of us suspected.Finally, EA Europe has released the version 1.2 patch (direct FTP...


Battlefield 1942 Patch is OUT!!!



Battlefield 1942 Retail Patch 1.1

Word on the street says the 1.1 patch for the retail version of Battlefield 1942 is out. Basically, it adds the same fixes to the retail game that the 1.1 MP patch added to the multiplayer demo. You can pick up the file right over here. :)


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