Battlefield 1942

Grab your gear, solider! Browse the largest collection of BF1942 maps, modifications and skins out there today, and bring your side home to victory!

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Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 editing site

Battlefield 1942 might not be the easiest game to mod, but there's help for all you who still want to give it a whirl. Check out this site for loads of stuff related to Battlefield 1942 editing, including utilities and tutorials. It's good stuff!


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield comics

It's been a slow couple of news days, so why don't you fulfill your Battlefield jones by reading these two comics at Command Central. They're about as funny as being kicked in the face, so if you particularly enjoy being kicked in the face then I'm sure they'll be right up your alley.


Battlefield 1942 kfc's Battlefield 1942 CTF Map Info Guide

I'll let the king of greasy chicken explain this one himself: This guide is primarily to guide server admins into picking the right map rotation for their server. I wont be posting any strategies about how to play the game. Just the pro and cons of the different maps that are included with Battlefi...


Battlefield 1942 Hosting! Get Your Hosting! Ad-Free!

Hosting, my dear Watson. Thats what we will call it! Who invented this daft thing? SOOOooooo you have a MOD planned, cant find no hosting other than 5mb that btinternet offers? :( LOOK no further, BF1942Files is having a mental block and overload of sheer idiotic behavoir and wants to GIVE gre...


Battlefield 1942 Posts New Screenshots and Impressions

Iwo Jima Impressions XGR has posted Fett's impressions of the Iwo Jima map from Battlefield 1942 after playing through part of the preview build. Included with the impressions are almost a dozen new screenshots from the map. You can read the review and take a look at the screenshots of Iwo Jima her...


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