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Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1943: Pacific Announcement Leak

A now removed entry in the New York Comic Con show exclusives pages has revealed Electronic Arts' plans to announced a new Battlefield game at the expo. EA has already confirmed a sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company is in the works, but this is a different title. It seems EA plans to go back again to the WWII era as the page mentioned above revealed that...


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 Ranked Server

G'day everyone, today we have a user submitted about some of the top ranked 1942 servers, so feel free to check them out if you're looking for some good BF1942 action :). Hey There , just wanna let you guys know that theres a Ranked Battlefield 1942 server out there you cn check the Rankings here Server...


Battlefield 1942 Siege MW: New website!

Well folks, there's no quotes today as you may have guessed, but the title speaks for itself: Siege: Medieval Warfare has opened a new website which you can go to by clicking here.


Battlefield 1942 Battlegroup 1.6 Preview - New Tiger and T-26 Tanks

Happy New Year everyone, today we have a news post from BattleGroup 42 previewing their new Tiger and T-26 tanks, enjoy :). Albeit everyone´s talking about crisis - the Battlegroup42 team is beginning the new year with good news. In the short time which has passed since the release of 1.5 and 1.51 we´ve already amassed so much new material that it can´...


Battlefield 1942 BF Heroes Developer Profile - Meet Kim Fredriksson

Well it looks like we've got another developer profile from Battlefield Heroes, and like most of you out there I would rather get news of their release:(, but for now we'll just have to settle for these enjoy :D. Hello Heroes. It's time for our second Developer profile. This week K4Ge interviewed Kim. We hope you enjoy the read. Who are you? Hi,...


Battlefield 1942 Battlegroup42 and FHSW sign trade agreement

Good day m8s, today we have some exciting news from Battle Group 42, enjoy:) Hi Battlegroup42 fans,Today we are able to announce some really fantastic news. We´ve managed to set up a content trade agreement with the FH mod "FHSW". This is good news for both communities - FHSW and BG42 - as it will boost the attractiveness of both mods. A part of this agr...


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (12/16/2006 - 12/23/2006)

Here are the results of the last poll: How much time per day do you spend playing a Battlefield game? < 1 hour 25.4% (387 votes) 2 hours 21.4% (326 votes) 1 hour 12.4% (190 votes) 3 hours 12.2% (186 votes) 12 hours or more. 10.5% (161) 4 hours...


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (12/9/06 - 12/16/06).

Here are the results of last week's poll: What do you think of the Sir Community Mod? No Opinion. 50.3% (324 votes) Love it. 18.6% (120 votes) Hate it. 15.2% (98 votes) Like it. 10.8% (70 votes) Dislike it. 4.9% (32 votes) Total votes: 644 'Till next week.


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (12/2/06 - 12/9/06)

Here are the results of last week's poll: Which game of the Battlefield series do you like the best? Battlefield 2 37.9% (606 votes) Battlefield 1942 30.2% (483 votes) Battlefield 2142 23.9% (382 votes) Battlefield Vietnam 7.9% (127 votes) Total votes: 1598 'Till next time.


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (11/25/06-12/02/06)

Here are the results of last week's poll. As EA's in-game advertising shock wears off, how do you feel about in-game advertising now? I don't care about it. 33.1% (420 votes) I really don't like it. 29.7% (377 votes) I'm ok with it 16.3% (207 votes) I don't like it. 12.5% (159 votes)...


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (11/18/06 - 11/25/06)

Here are the results of last week's poll: Are you enjoying our new ranked server? No - 55.4% (253 votes) Yes - 44.5% (203 votes) Total Votes: 456


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (11/11/06 - 11/18/06)

Here are the results of last week's poll. Has the new news about Forgotten Hope 2 changed your anticipation for the mod? No. 54.5% (335) Yes! 45.4% (279) Total Votes: 614 Enjoy.


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (11/05/06 - 11/11/06)

Here are the results of the last poll: What is your favorite game mode in BF 2142? Titan 55.5% (424) I like them both equally. 26.3% (201) Conquest 18% (138) Total Votes: 763 Thank you to all who voted and/or posted comments. :)


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (10/28/06 - 11/05/06)

Here are the results of last week's poll. How do you feel about EA's in-game advertisment project for BF2142 Don't mind it. 32.5% (501) Refund, please! 24.8% (383) I really hate it. 18.6% (287) I'm bothered by it. 14.2% (219) Like it. 9.6% (149) Total Votes: 1539 Have fun!


Battlefield 1942 Poll Results (10/21/06 - 10/28/06)

Here are the results of last week's poll: Did you pre-order BF2142, and did you pick up your copy? Didn't pre-order it nor buy it. 58.6% (687) I didn't pre-order it. Still bought it, though. 22.7% (267) Pre-ordered it and picked it up! 15.6% (183) Pre-ordered it, bu...