Battlefield 1942

Grab your gear, solider! Browse the largest collection of BF1942 maps, modifications and skins out there today, and bring your side home to victory!

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Battlefield 1942 GameDaemons Needs help testing some ROCKING servers!!!!!

I recieved an email: We have put up two ports on a Dual AMD 2400 processor system with 2Gb of PC2100 ECC Registered memory.  The servers are located in Dallas, TX on the network, the only network that sponsors the CPL.  We are mainly in our testing phases of this new development and would like some assistance of getting traffic to our se...


Battlefield 1942 [Zero]Acid999 's new Movie Forums

From an email My new BF ,movies forum.. register and visit, talk movies all day =) ! Acid999 If you like movies, Check it out


Battlefield 1942 Cheats for BF1942!!

BY: Dark Spirit press ² XXXXXXXXX (whith space after the cheat) Where XXXXXXXXX is : Tobias.karlsson : god mod (on/off) BotsCanCheatsToo : bots cheats (on/off) Jonathan.Gustavsson : kill enemys bots Thomas.Skoldenborg : desactivate Ai TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgrammer : sats of Ai (a maj and i maj for AI) Walking...


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 LAN party

If you live in the Los Angeles area and want in on some Battlefield 1942 LAN gaming action, you're in luck. There's a post up in the Battlefield 1942 Nation forums here where you can get some info on an upcoming get-together in the area. It sounds like they book it pretty fast, so get a move on!


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 annotated maps

This fellow has started putting together annotated maps for Battlefield 1942. So far he just has one for Wake Island up, but promises more to follow. They could be quite handy!


Battlefield 1942 German Battlefield website

Maybe you like this site we have going here, but you can't understand a word we're saying because you speak German, not English. Well, you're in luck. Just go to this site here. They've got your German. Here's what they told us: After many hard-working weeks it is finished. The german website is online up to now. There are sectors li...


Battlefield 1942 Theaters Of War

The official site for BF1942 has added a new section called "Theaters Of War" which is a really cool interactive map that contains details and positions of all the levels in the game. Its a must see if you slept through history and geography classes like i did and have very little knowledge of what the heck happened back then! Get over here and start lea...


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 invades Holland gives the word that all you Dutch boys and girls out there can now finally get your hands on the game that Americans such as myself have been enjoying for about a week now. Rejoice!


Battlefield 1942 GameSpot poll: most anticipated FPS

GameSpot's current poll: "Which of these upcoming 2002 shooters are you most looking forward to?" RIght now, Battlefield 1942 is tied with Splinter Cell for a distant second place behind Unreal Tournament 2003. We can't let that happen now, can we? Get over there and vote! ;-)


Battlefield 1942 Battle For Europe

Looking for an interesting variation to Battlefield 1942? Then you might want to check out Battle For Europe - World At War. World at War is a tournament-style campaign game for Battlefield 1942. Unlike a clan ladder or other online tournament, World at War players will participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and a grand...