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Battlefield 1942 Exclusive Transformers Mod Preview

I had the opportunity this past weekend to playtest the Transformer's mod with several members of the mod's dev team. As the team's leader BumbleBee has asked, I've written up a review of the mod and my thought on it. First Impressions: WOW! I felt like I was taken back to the eighties w...


Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat Final Review - Amped News!

Desert Combat Hey there soldiers! Amped News has done a review on DC Final. Here is a snippet from it: The Desert Combat community has finally received the release they have been waiting for. The release of Desert Combat Final is the first release of Desert Combat since the DC 0.7 release on F...


Battlefield 1942 DDDandrew's BF1942 Silent Heroes Review! Check it out!

BF1942Files/BF2Files Official Update Hey there folks! Well, lately, I have taken a liking to reviewing files, so I might just start adding more file reviews to this site. I will start off tonight with the Silent Heroes mod review. After which, I have about 70 screenshots for you to view. So get...


Battlefield 1942 Bullettime Mod Review!

Hey everyone...heres another frontlines update for ya! This is once again from the all ready Jester_Tbag, and he brings the beat of another review. Check it out! Its for the Bullet-Time mod! Alright, Neo (99% of the n00bs in BF), you're gonna dodge a bullet. Or... Maybe this very slow bull...


Battlefield 1942 Cool Hydroracers Review!

Hey everyone its DDDandrew again! Keepin it real on the battlefield again is Jester_TBAG with another one of his rightous reviews! This time its over Hydroracers and its looking dandy! For those of you who havent downloaded the mod and want to know what its about, read this now! The Jester i...


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield Pirates Review!

Hello everyone its DDDandrew again. Jester has sent yet ANOTHER review, this time on the recently updated release of Battlefield Pirates. Lets see what he found out and what he thinks: HUGE ship battles go down in this mod, cannons on both sides of the ships producing smoke and soot that covers...


Battlefield 1942 Wasteland: 2042 Review!

Hey everyone, this is DDDandrew again. Here is an interesting interview from a community member by the name of Jester_TBAG. The review is over Wasteland :2042 and you should all check it out, so read on soldiers! Well, that's it from the Jester on this mod. Review the Pirates full install,...


Battlefield 1942 DC .7 review

'Lo all, I'm the new poster here at good old and I bring you all a review written by Jester_TBAG on the newly released DC .7n, so I'll leave you all to it: Well, it's the Wicked Jester from the House of Laughs, giving you a .7 review. Most of you probably dont need this, but I'm sor...


Battlefield 1942 New Review from the Chief - Forgotten Hope .05D

Yea, It's a tad late, but don't blame Cheif, I was the bum who was busy the past few weeks and couldn't post it. Click here and check it out! Now for my punishment. *Distributes stones among BF1942 Visitors* Let me have it.


Battlefield 1942 New Review from Chief - EOD 20%

A tad late, but Cheif can't crank out his excellent reviews in a day, you know ;) Have a look!


Battlefield 1942 Chief's got a new Review - Galactic Conquest Alpha 0.1

Chief just finished his new review for Galactic Conquest. I strongly suggest you read it, and feel free to make your own, and comment on his!!! Galactic Conquest Review Also check our Review's section in our forums!!!


Battlefield 1942 World War II Special

The guys over at Tom's Hardware have reviewed the most common World War II games that exist today. Battlefield 1942 is in there so I thought you might want to take a look at how it compares to the other WWII games. Here's the link:


Battlefield 1942 New File Review - Soldier9's Realism Mod

Gen.NapalmFresh has taken the time to do a review for the Soldier 9 Realism Mod. You can check it out here!


Battlefield 1942 Merciless Creations Addon Reviewed

I took the time to do a review on Merciless Creations Addon. You can check it out here.


Battlefield 1942 Gamespy loves BF1942

Gamespy has posted their review of Battlefield 1942. View it here Despite the attention to detail, however, Battlefield: 1942 is far from a realistic simulation. As mentioned earlier, the physics are fairly arcade-y, making it pretty easy to jump into a game and start using vehicles without a lot...


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