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Battlefield 1942 [11PzG] needs a skinner urgently!

Geoff the Chef and Judge Reinhold have contacted me with these Ãœber models, they need a skinner urgently. Possibility of them being added to the next release of FH if they come out good!! :)


Battlefield 1942 New Battlefield 2000 AK-47 Render

Check out the new AK-47 Render Made by the guys Over at I myself Love this model, Great work


Battlefield 1942 Ace Mod News

Irishstag from the ACE mod (Aerial Combat Enviroment) has finished a full re-skin of the bf109 plane. Take a look: Here's the Ace website>>>


Battlefield 1942 Conflict in Somalia Skin Update

The Conflict in Somilia have updated the Somalian player skins. Here's what they had to say about them: Quote: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's the Conflict in Somalia website>>>


Battlefield 1942 Merciless Creations Coral Sea TexturePack Update

The Merciless Creations team have released pics of the Coral Sea texture pack. It is still work in progress but looks pretty good already.


Battlefield 1942 Big Eternal Silence Update

The Eternal Silence mod team are showing off their new website design which looks really good and they are also released a new wallpaper. Here is a preview if this is not the right resolution then go to their website to pick the right one: The Eternal Silence mod have also released pics of th...


Battlefield 1942 Finished Desert Combat Harrier Skin

The Desert Combat mod have updated their German site DC Nation with the finished Harrier-cockpit skin done by Halp. Beautiful i think you will agree: Here's the German DC site>>> Here's the DC site>>>


Battlefield 1942 New Desert Combat Gun Model

ctsketch from the Desert Combat mod has finished the Saiga 12k Shotgun which was modelled by SW-14. Nice Work! Here's the website>>>


Battlefield 1942 New Desert Combat Faces

On top of their new model of the coalition soldier the Desert Combat mod have also re-done the faces of the soldiers. Here's a couple of in game screenshots: Here's the Desert Combat website>>>


Battlefield 1942 Urban Infiltration Render

Urban Infiltration mod has updated their site with a render of a US Marine Knife Kabar. Here's a few pics: Here's their website.


Battlefield 1942 Urban Infiltration new skin the MK23

Urban infiltration have been keeping production levels high! Because they have released pics of their first skin the MK23 skinned by FLASH. Here's a pic: Here's the website>>>


Battlefield 1942 Black Hawk Down Mod Update

The Black Hawk Down Mod have finished their M249 "Shorty" Skin. it was skinned by Ranger 7. it looks realy good one of the best looking guns they have ever produced! Here's two Pics: Here's the black hawk down website>>>