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All Files By Mantidae
Single Player Operation Merkur

Operation Merkur is finally available for download! The awesome 'Invasion of Crete'-map for single player and coop created by wizards Nemesi...


Planes Mantidae's Messerschmidt Bf110C skin

Here is another superbe skin by Mantidae. Keep the great skins comming!!!


Vehicles Supermarine Spitfire - Mk XIV E - RAF, invasion stripes

### Supermarine Spitfire - Mk XIV E - RAF, invasion stripes ### Thanks for downloading this Supermarine Spitfire skin. This t...


Vehicles El Alamein JU 88 Bomber

This Mod makes it so that you can have a JU 88 Africa corps bomber in El Alamein. Thanks to Mantidae for this wonderful mini-mod


Planes Mantidae's Yak-1 Forest Camo

Yet again another plane skin by Mantidae. This one is amazing, great job Mantidae!!!! (plz make a skin pack)


Planes Manditae's Mosquito RAF invasion stripes skin

Here is another AMAZING skin (for Rode to Rome) made by Manditae. As soon as you see it you'll wish you had his skills! (Manditae make a...


Planes Junker Ju88 Africa Corps Skin

This another plane skin made by Mantidae, This one you WILL want to download!!!!


No Screenshot
Planes Royal Navy Dauntless

This is a very good looking skin for the dauntless, I highly recommend you download this!!


No Screenshot
Planes Crosair Daphne C

This Corsair was used by the US Navy in Guadacanal, but since it is an early model it would equally well work in Wake Island (even th...


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Planes Sbd-6 Pearl Harbor

This SBD-1 was used by the US Navy in Hawaii, December 1941 (Pearl Harbor), but I recon it would work in Wake Island as well, as the battle...