Battlefield 2: Special Forces

Battlefield 2: Special Forces brings the intensity and excitement of its predecessors into the realm of covert ops with the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available...

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Modifications BOMSF v1.5 - Server File

Serverfile fr die Modifikation BlackOps Mercenaries SF. Das Add-On Special Forces muss zur Nutzung installiert sein!


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Maps Levels Missions Iron Gator Knife and Pistol AIX2

IRON GATOR KNIFE AND PISTOL MAP for aix2 Das Add-On Special Foces MUSS installiert sein 16 US VS MEC 32 UN VS US 64 CH VS UN All map sizes a...


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Maps Levels Missions Surge 64

Dank Navmeshtool erhlt die 64er Version von Surge Bots zum spielen im Singleplayer Modus. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Alphaversion, das...


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Maps Levels Missions Last Stand Assault Special Forces

Die Amerikaner mssen einen Hgel von den MEC wieder zurck erobbern. Dazu stehen Panzer und andere Fahrzeuge bereit. Es handelt sich um die gl...


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Maps Levels Missions Leviathan 64

Nun knnt ihr auch mal die SF Map Leviathan im Singleplayer ausprobieren. Die Map ist in der 64er Version verfgbar.


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Modifications Splinter Cell Infiltrations War - Version 1.0

Wie bei der Splinter Cell Reihe, muss man als Einzelkmpfer die feindliche Stadt zu infiltrieren. Es handelt sich dabei um eine Mod fr das Ba...


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Modifications 1on1 Version 2.0

Few fix ups and changes for instance-C4 cannon is much more week. Originally it was grenades but c4 was much more fun-Hidden pickup kits add...


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Modifications FFOLKES Special Forces Unlocks Mod v1.4

Mit dieser Mod habt ihr die Mglichkeit Unlockwaffen von Special Forces im Offline Modus zu nutzen. Das heit euch stehen Unlocks im Singlepla...


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Modifications Single Player Warfare v1.0

I Started this mod way back in 2007. It started off just tweaking. Pretty much everything in the game has either Totally changed or been twe...


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Maps Levels Missions Last Stand Snipers Special Forces

Bei dieser Map von TheDark888 mssen die Amerikaner einen Hgel vor den herannahenden MEC Truppen verteidigen. Dabei kann man als Amerikaner n...


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Maps Levels Missions Hangar 18 Special Forces

Die Hangar 18 Map von TheDark888 gibt es nun auch als Special Forces Variante. Ein gewisser Lt. BFK|c_A_p_o_N_e muss seine Mnner in die Ber...


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Maps Levels Missions Devils Perch 32

Die Nachtmap fr das BF2 Addon gibt es nun auch als 32er Mapversion zum Einzeldownload. Hinweis Vor dem Installieren bitte ein Backup der Or...


Bf2 Special Forces Operation Spark SF

After having recently secured a strategic stretch of shoreline along the Black Sea, US Navy SEALs are caught off guard by a Spetsnaz counter...


Bf2 Special Forces Atatra SF

have had their offensive halted by resurgence of hostile activity from the loacls and as a result are now having to reclaim parts of the cit...


Bf2 Special Forces Caucasus Region

south to halt the Russians advance into their newly claimed territory.


Bf2 Special Forces SAS Combat Assault

Faster run speed# Higher jump# Air support vehicles hellies and jets tweaked with extra missiles, higher velocity, improved accuracy, and mo...


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Maps Levels Missions Iron Gator SP - Updated AI

Updates the Navmesh to include a couple of stairs that were missed.


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Maps Levels Missions Iron Gator SP

This version adds AI suport to Iron Gator. Special Forces must be installed to play.


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Media Warlord Glitch Tiesto

Cross over the arch to another building.


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Modifications Elite Unlocks v1.1 Installer

Elite Unlocks is a BF2 special forces tweak of FFOLKES SF Unlocks mod which gives all players 3 different weapons, and SF gear like grapling...


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Modifications Elite Unlocks

Elite Unlocks BF2 Special Forces mod.


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Modifications BF2 SF 64 v0.92

Allows you to play BF2: SF maps in Singleplayer in 16, 32, and 64 sized layers (NOT including Devil's Perch and The Iron Gator).


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Modifications Real Combat v0.3 Map Pack



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Modifications Real Combat 0.3 (whitout maps)

Here is the beta 0.3 version of the Battlefield 2: Special Forces mod, Real Combat. A change log is listed below.


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Modifications BlackOpsMercenaries Special Forces Mod

The BlackOpsMercenaries Special Forces Mod. A MultiPlayer Coop Mode enabled mod utilizing the BF2 Special Forces Xpack and Euro Forces Boos...


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Maps Levels Missions

Battlefield 2 - With Xpack Special Forces - Multiplayer Coop


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These files will enchance the way your see your game. This file if for BF2:SF owners only.


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Media Battlefield 2: Special Forces movies

These brief clips each offer less than half a minute of gameplay footage (preceded by extensive logo sequences) to demonstrate night-time co...


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Media Battlefield 2: Special Forces Video

A video of gameplay footage for Battlefield 2 Special Forces.