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I Started this mod way back in 2007. It started off just tweaking. Pretty much everything in the game has either Totally changed or been twe...


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I Started this mod way back in 2007. It started off just tweaking. Pretty much everything in the game has either Totally changed or been tweaked. I have tweeked the game to try and make it a bit more realistic and a lot more fun. So let's starting killing some bots.

Installation is very simply Just place foldier in your mod folder (My computer, Local Disk, EA Games, BF2, MODS). There should be a shortcut in the foldier that you can just drag on to your desk top. You will also have to add you're levels folder from the bf2 mod folder to this mod folder, you can find the level folder in (My Computer, Local drive, EA Games, BF2, Mods, BF2.To Play Mod Launch SPW hust click on the shortcut. Once on the main memu, go to mulitplay then create local and change the game mode to single player. Do not use the original single player option at the first menu. Also I have yet to find any bugs with my mod. I would highly recommend downloadnig the SPW MAP Packs as each map as been tweeked for this mod

Single Player Weapons Mod. Made by Blixy16 The Single player optins Mod. Made by M.Combay Blood Mod. Made by M.Combat Advanced Effects mod. Made by Blixy16 Ai Tweeks. Made by Blixy16 vehicle Mod. Made by Blixy16 Sound mod. Unknown (I can't remember where I got the new sounds from)

ADDING MAPS you will need to add maps to this mod. Their are SPW map packs which have been tweeked for the mod that you can downlaod, but if you add your own maps you will just have the basic kits. To add new kits you will have to go into the level folder in the original bf2 mod folder and copy the maps you want and then paste them into the SPW level folder, to add new kits go in to the server folder of a selected map and you will find a file called "Init". Go into the Init file and about half way down you will see the game logic lines which are below. Now to change a kit just add a number 2 or 3 to the type of kit. For example (gameLogic.setKit 1 0 CH_Specops" "ch_light_soldier") changed to (gameLogic.setKit 1 0 "CH_Specops2" "ch_light_soldier"). But remember if you put in a kit that does not existed then the game will crash. If you look at the picture of all the weapons for each team in the SPW screenshot folder you can use that as a guide to choose which weapons you would like. The kit weapons are in the same order as the list kits listed below.

gameLogic.setKit 1 0 "CH_Specops" "ch_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 0 "US_Specops" "us_light_soldier"

gameLogic.setKit 1 1 "CH_Sniper" "ch_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 1 "US_Sniper" "us_light_soldier"

gameLogic.setKit 1 2 "CH_Assault" "ch_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 2 "US_Assault" "us_heavy_soldier"

gameLogic.setKit 1 3 "CH_Support" "ch_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 3 "US_Support" "us_heavy_soldier"

gameLogic.setKit 1 4 "CH_Engineer" "ch_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 4 "US_Engineer" "us_light_soldier"

gameLogic.setKit 1 5 "CH_Medic" "ch_light_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 5 "US_Medic" "us_light_soldier"

gameLogic.setKit 1 6 "CH_AT" "ch_heavy_soldier" gameLogic.setKit 2 6 "US_AT" "us_heavy_soldier"


MEC CHINA USMC EU MEC_Specops CH_Specops US_Specops EU_Specops MEC_Specops2 CH_Specops2 US_Specops2 US_Specops2

MEC_Sniper CH_Sniper US_Sniper EU_Sniper CH_Sniper2 US_Sniper2 US_Sniper2

MEC_Assault CH_Assault US_Assault EU_Assault CH_Assault2

MEC_Support CH_Support US_Support EU_Support MEC_Support2 CH_Support2 EU_Support US_Support

MEC_Engineer CH_Engineer US_Engineer EU_Engineer MEC_Engineer3 CH_Engineer2 US_Engineer2 EU_Engineer3 US_Engineer3

MEC_Medic CH_Medic US_Medic EU_Medic MEC_Medic2 CH_Medic2


DETAIL OF THE SPW MOD. Here is a breif description of the changes made to the game. Everything has been tweeded or changed so I can't really go into great detail about all the changes and plus I have tweeked the game over a period of a good few years and haven't played the original game in years, so it's hard to remember all the changes.

EFFECTS - All explotion effects in the game have been changed to look more realistic. KITS - New weapons have been added to almost every kit. Each kit has different Weapons depending on which map you are playing. For example if it is an urban map engineers will have shotguns for close combat, but if it is a desert map with larger open areas engineers will have rifles. SOLDIERS - Soldiers now have blood when shot and thier bodies will stay on the ground for a long period of time. VEHICLES - All vehicles have been tweeded or changed in the game from health to damage. The wreckage of vechicles now stay for a long period of time, but if you find that wreckes are getting in the way you can always just blow them up. All air craft have been changed. Bombs now drop one at a time and guns have faster rate of fire. WEAPONS - Some weapons have been changed like claymores and mines, you aren't limited to how many you can place on the ground, also they will stay on the map untill disarmed or blown up. Weapon now no longer heat up explosives like C4, anti tank weapons, mines, tank shells have a more realistic damage area. Snipers have been tweeked aswell, the 50cal snipers have a greating zoom. A.I - I tweeked the a.i so that their not so god dam stupid. I have added a lot more bots to the game aswell (85).

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