21st Century Warfare Now Global

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[quote]21-CW Crazy has recently contacted us with news of a brand new tournament hosted by 21st Century warfare. This tournament is basically for Asian, Pacific, and Australian gamers. Players in these areas will experience better pings on Battle servers and more suitable battle and practice times. Read about it below: MyInternetServices.com and 21st Century Warfare proudly announces the inception of Australian Allied Forces - a 21st Century Warfare Tournament for the Asia/Pacific Rim based out of Australia. Australian Allied Forces will move 21CW into a complete global tournament using the hugely sucessful 21st Century Warfare Tournament as its basis and showcasing the 21CW Mod for enhanced tournament play. Australian Allied Forces will be run seperately from 21CW, but backed fully by the knowledge and expertise that comes from 21st Century Warfare. Players in the Asia/Pacific Rim region will experience the 21CW gameplay without having to connect to servers halfway across the world. The Australian Allied Forces servers are based out of Australia and are designed for low pings in the Asia/Pacific Rim region. Check out http://www.australianalliedforces.com and sign up today to begin playing with the newest addition to the MyInternetServices.com tournament community. 21CW Mod, 21st Century Warfare, and now Australian Allied Forces: The Way BF2 Is Meant To Be Played. To learn more about this tournament, please click here. [/quote]
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