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Published by thecheeseman 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


AIX has been busy updating and relaunching their website, adding new material to the site to make it easier to use, as well as many new features for AIX 2.0!

Razor and Arn are both responsible for a brand new, simple to use, offline stats, ranks, badges and medals feature that will be releasing with AIX 2.0! More about that in coming updates, but let me explain the "2.0" thing. Most of you are expecting a 1.1 version to be coming soon, but after discussion with the test team, they felt it really deserves a 2.0 moniker due to it no longer just being a bug fixing patch, but rather an entirely new version with tonnes of new content. We will have some more cool stuff to show you over the coming weeks, but for now we'll let you explore our new web site and get acquainted with Chad's new animation work below!

AIX 2.0 is running full steam ahead at the moment with 6th round testing currently in progress with extremely favourable results! Expect more news regarding this soon as well as a final content update to wet your appetite next week. We know it's been a long wait since version 1.0, but we know you will appeciate the exhaustive efforts of a very dedicated test team with the advent of a strong, streamlined and polished release! :)

Read the full article, and check out AIX's brand new site here!

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