Allied Intent Interview by BF2Arena

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Published by Woolf 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
BF2Arena has posted a new interview with AI from the Allied Intent mod. Take a peek,
BF2A: What unique features will your mod contain? We see many different mods within the community, what will separate your mod from all the others? AI: I don’t keep track of other mods too well, so I suppose all have maps, weapons, and vehicles. And the .2 release has plenty of new maps, weapons, and vehicles. But for unique I’d have to say: deployable mortar, jeep music players & a great original rock soundtrack, and singleplayer/coop/multiplayer support for everything. BF2A: Can you tell us what type of region your mod will be located? Will we see any thing outside of the norm as environment is related? In .2 you’ll see a variety of zones including an orange-sky uranium plant, a sunny day island, an overcast set of snaky lakes, and some dusk/night maps. Outside of the norm? Processing Plant might fit that bill, a complex maze of.. pipes.
You can check out the full interview here.
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