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Published by Andron Taps 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Allied Intent Xtended has given us a sneak peak at their latest mod, so please check out the news below:)

As we get closer and closer to release day with that ever present weight of a clock above counting down the inexorable hours until AIX 2.0 is unleashed on the community, we have prepared a little guide on the inner workings of the mysterious BF2SPCC which comes with 2.0. Many of you look quizically at its smooth lines and sultry demeanor, while many others have a slight familiarity and disturbing inkling to the true nature of its powers...

What is a BF2SPCC? Its the Battlefield 2 Single Player Command Centre! All joking aside, there's more to this little powerhouse than meets the eye. While it says single player in the title, the BF2SPCC can do so much more. Its true nature materialises in the form of a fully functioning offline stats and awards system, and all at the click of a checkbox no less!

Delve into the guide for a sneak peek at the many other features the BF2SPCC is capable of before its sultry little shortcut adorns your desktop on release day!


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