Another New Play-for-Free Battlefield Game in the Works?

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Published by Andron Taps 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Another one? Oh boy:rolleyes:, anyways yes it appears EA is working with someone to make another open-source game, and don't worry we won't post developer interviews:D.

With Battlefield Heroes, Neowiz is also working on it with EA, is that correct?

Danny: No. Battlefield Heroes is independent of Neowiz. We actually have another product. We're actually taking Battlefield, the original product. We're discussing whether Heroes is right for the market here.

One of the interesting things I've said to one of my guys about Heroes is that the cartoony graphical style was very much like some of the earlier Korean games, so it is perceived as being somewhat older. I still think it's a great-looking game.

It's fantastic, for free, very high quality. But Koreans would see that kind of cartoony style and think it's a little bit older.

The other thing is that all the Korean men, at least, do national service here. So they know what an M16 looks like, they know what an M1 tank looks like. They're very hardcore into the military side of things. A World War II shooter is maybe not as appealing as a hardcore, modern combat type of product.

So, with Neowiz we're working actually on the Battlefield franchise. We're taking a Battlefield II engine and we're converting it to a free-to-play model. Read the rest...

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