Battlefield 1918 Update

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Published by Woolf 13 years ago , last updated 1 year ago
Battlefield 1918 is back again with an update about their mod, and this time with some interest in a LAN party. Take a look,
Some more neat pictures for you today! But first, we'd like to bring some attention to a small, yet wonderful little LanParty Event in Berlin. Together with the EA Community Team, the event named GetBoinKed mobility 1.1 will hold room for about 148 guests. Additionally, next to the LanParty itself, there'll be Mod Presentations, Q&A sessions with EA and many more exclusive happenings going on. And that's where we come into play! Next to Frontlines and Operation Peacekeeper, there'll be presentations of both TGTW and BF1918/2. In the case of TGTW, Leonidas will be making it's way all the way from the Netherlands to give an exclusive video presentation, as well as present an early playable version of TGTW, containing some material that'll be making it's way in their coming release. For BF1918/2, Gamma, Lexi, Tagedieb and probably Thorus will make their appearance. Also as an exclusive, an early playable version of the all new BF1918/2 will be available for play at the LanParty. To give an indication of it's condition, the internal release of yesterday carried version designation C79, while the recently released BF1918/2 Airshow was version C67. So for those of you that are interested, the whole event will take place from 21 until 23 of October in the Berlin University Hall. In any event, it'll be a lot of fun! And before you get wondering, yes, we are indeed still making a mod, and we've got pictures to prove it! Just take a look at these here very first wonderful ingame pictures of our all new Rolls Royce Armoured Car, which was made by Thorus:
Of course, you'll get to drive this jewel in the presentation version at Berlin, along with some other goodies I might mention. For those of you not able to be present, you'll just have to wait until the next release of BF1918/2.
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