Battlefield 2: After the Dust

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Published by Woolf 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Our friend Lewr, who works here at FileFront, has written up a Battlefield 2: After the Dust article. Take a look, Before the storm When Battlefield 1942 came out in mid September 2002, people were taken by the idea of massive battle fields and endless possibilities from “do I take the corsair and bomb them” or “do I take the M10 tank and run them over”. This new ability to come at enemies from Air, Sea, and Ground open a whole new playground to the online gaming community and soon to the modding (modification) community. Interest sparked up in modifications that would go deeper in to the WW2 era, through Vietnam, and right up to Modern Combat. Desert Combat based their mod on the Gulf War conflict and they started working on a mod that brought over 30 new vehicles to you from a massive AC-130 gunship to a Iraqi scud launcher. After their first release, Desert Combat was a hit. People went out and bought Battlefield 1942 just to play Desert Combat (I did). From this mod spawned one of the best modifications ever with their own models, coding and effects. Just two years after Battlefield 1942 came out Trauma Studios, bought out by Digital Illusions (DICE), in the hope of making a new PC based game and the result of the union was Battlefield 2. As the public was playing Desert Combat and waiting on new news about Battlefield 2 to leak out, the developers were hard at work modeling and coding the whole new engine behind Battlefield 2. It took them almost two years to develop a whole game for EA/Dice based on their modification. The end product hit the shelves June 21, 2005 (24 overseas) and catapulted Battlefield 2 to the top 10 most sold games of 2005. Battlefield 2 was off to a strong start with their demo release pulling over 500,000 downloads and an equal and ever expanding number of people that have bought the retail copy. Battlefield 2 has developed a ranking system based on time spent playing, kills, team work, and special skills from reviving a team mates, first aid, re-supplying. From this you were able to climb in rank and unlock new weapons with an advantage over the default layout. Toping some of the new things coded in to the game like artillery support or calling in a re-supply and more team work oriented combat so that lone gun men could not take you out was balanced (after 3 patches) so you relied on someone else to back you up. As I looked deeper into the maps that were released with the game, I was interested by the different variations of setups based on the number of people playing on the server 16/32/64. What I saw was that they did not make a map where the point of interest had not only a single entrance but had three or four ways of coming at it. For example Mashtuur City with the dried up aqueduct running in the middle of the map to the bridge to the southwest offering ways around a destroyed passage way or a heavily defended target. This effect challenges teams to work together and operate with a single goal. Over all Battlefield 2 was a big success for EA/Dice and they produced a game that took over by storm and is holding on as the dust blows by. We will see what happens when the dust settles. See you on the battlefield! Battlefield 2: After the Dust James Weiss AKA lewrbm69 JJ Entertainment Article © 2006 Battlefield Files.
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