Battlefield 2 Assault Mod v7.5 Released

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Published by Andron Taps 9 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Well well well, looks like the famous mod genius who made the warthog mod has made a new outstanding mod. This would've normally been in the files list, but I didn't want to wait for hours for it to upload :p, so just click the download button below to get this awesome mod.

It’s taken four years to get to this point. Hours and days spent. Many sleepless nights. It’s done. From version 7.117-7.5 there are many changes. It looks like a different mod. well here it goes

Change Log

New Maps -City of the Dead d-jawys -Terminus the dark888 -Shipment drifterboy -Rebellion imtheheadhunter -Operation Frog imtheheadhunter -Operation Desert Storm zinnistien/jones -Manamoc Island imtheheadhunter -Urban Raid jones -Urban Jungle imtheheadhunter -Urban Decay imtheheadhunter -Forest Railway jones sp support by sp freak, shanejohn and the bfsp community

Old Maps Redone -Atom sp freak -Daqing Oilfields -Gulf of Oman -Highway Tampa -Iraq Oilfields Zinnistien -Iwo Jima -Black Hawk Down Pro Dust -Operation Compton ga-knomboe boy -Operation Hydra -Operation Phoenix Tactical Gamer / shanejohn -Operation Yellow Dragon spfreak -Road To Jalalabad -Sharqi Peninsula -Strike at Karkand

CREDITS and thanks to

bf2 assault mod v7.5 bfsp bss usi m14 opk pr - old sounds m14 aix2 fortran - crows humvee jones - MAPS spush -skins /testing shanejohn -maps/bot support im the head hunter - maps / bot support clivewil / kerysterama - sp support rambohunter - skins/testing satnav -models warthog, bike,m40 ,grapple hook, javelin , weapons spfreak -maps zinnistien-maps dark888-maps ukforce-admin advisory rhino - admin advisory eggman - pr content requim - admin advisory osis -opk content guedoe- usi content wolfi scott myspawndemon filefront admins

if i forgot somone let me know. lots of people made this mod playable!

Download Here

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