Battlefield 2 Assault Mod v7.5 Released

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Published by Adrian Țepeș 13 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
Well well well, looks like the famous mod genius who made the warthog mod has made a new outstanding mod. This would've normally been in the files list, but I didn't want to wait for hours for it to upload :p, so just click the download button below to get this awesome mod. [quote]It’s taken four years to get to this point. Hours and days spent. Many sleepless nights. It’s done. From version 7.117-7.5 there are many changes. It looks like a different mod. well here it goes Change Log New Maps -City of the Dead d-jawys -Terminus the dark888 -Shipment drifterboy -Rebellion imtheheadhunter -Operation Frog imtheheadhunter -Operation Desert Storm zinnistien/jones -Manamoc Island imtheheadhunter -Urban Raid jones -Urban Jungle imtheheadhunter -Urban Decay imtheheadhunter -Forest Railway jones sp support by sp freak, shanejohn and the bfsp community Old Maps Redone -Atom sp freak -Daqing Oilfields -Gulf of Oman -Highway Tampa -Iraq Oilfields Zinnistien -Iwo Jima -Black Hawk Down Pro Dust -Operation Compton ga-knomboe boy -Operation Hydra -Operation Phoenix Tactical Gamer / shanejohn -Operation Yellow Dragon spfreak -Road To Jalalabad -Sharqi Peninsula -Strike at Karkand CREDITS and thanks to bf2 assault mod v7.5 bfsp bss usi m14 opk pr - old sounds m14 aix2 fortran - crows humvee jones - MAPS spush -skins /testing shanejohn -maps/bot support im the head hunter - maps / bot support clivewil / kerysterama - sp support rambohunter - skins/testing satnav -models warthog, bike,m40 ,grapple hook, javelin , weapons spfreak -maps zinnistien-maps dark888-maps ukforce-admin advisory rhino - admin advisory eggman - pr content requim - admin advisory osis -opk content guedoe- usi content wolfi scott myspawndemon filefront admins if i forgot somone let me know. lots of people made this mod playable![/quote] [url=""]Download Here[/url]
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