Battlefield 40K Update

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BF40K Imperial Guard update 1. Binoculars (Used by Imperial Guard Squad Sgts and the Commander) 2. M36 Cadian Pattern Lasgun Longrifle (W.I.P.) (Used only by the Special Weapons Support class upon kit request) 3. Mortar (Used by Imperial Guardsmen, Hardened Vets & Heavy Weapons Support Troops upon kit request) 4. Vehicle Crewman class model.

BF40K Tau Update 1. Tau Defibrilator (Firewarriors and Pathfinders only can request the medic kit) 2. Tau Fusion Demolishion Charge (Used by Pathfinders) 3. Pulse Pistol (Used only by the Tau Vehicle Crewman Class) 4. Kroot Rifle (Only used by the Kroot Shaper and warriors)

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