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Published by Andron Taps 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Looks like today we have a message from the Senior Producer of Battlefield: Heroes, enjoy :).

James Salt here again, Senior Producer on Heroes.

I thought I could use this development blog to show you a little about how we make our maps, or levels if you prefer to call them that. I’ll start with how we begin the process, through to playtesting and then describe some of the work the art team does to make the new map come to life.

Ok, so, we want to make a new map for Heroes. Where do we start? Firstly we decide if we want the map to be focused around vehicles, just soldiers, or a blend of the two. Vehicle focused maps tend to be quite a lot larger than the ones focused around soldiers. This is to give the vehicles space to let their various gameplay abilities shine. For instance, a small soldier focused map with Planes on wouldn’t be much fun, as the pilot would be constantly turning to stay within the map boundaries. So maps with Planes on tend to be the largest ones.

In the screen shots and videos we have released you can see an example of both of these. Seaside Skirmish is focused around being a playground for all our current vehicles; Jeeps, Tanks and Planes. Victory Village is focused on the soldier versus soldier fight. Read the rest...

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