Battlefield Heroes Preview by Ripten

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Ripten has posted a Battlefield Heroes preview from EA's Studio Showcase.

EA’s free-to-play online shooter, Battlefield: Heroes, hits press beta this fall, but we got to take a turn yesterday at EA’s Studio Showcase. I can tell their spin-off direction is working, because I’ve never touched a Battlefield game and I already feel inclined to spend hours running around in goofy outfits gunning down the enemy faction.

Players create a character, either Royal or National, and choose from three classes. The soldier is the medium build, whereas the beefy gunner compromises speed for firepower, and the commando compromises health for stealth sniping and speed.

Leveling up is probably the easiest it’s ever been, since experience points are 1-to-1 with damage dealt. That means it’s possible to suck so bad that you never manage to kill a single person, but as long as you’re hitting at least part of the time you can progress, unlocking new costumes (goth, ninja, underwear). You also gain experience for capturing flags, healing teammates, and winning matches. See the Rest...

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