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Published by Woolf 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
The Battlefield Ninjas mod team has recently had the chance to interview some Japanese fans about their mod. Here's what they had to say,
Battlefield 2 [E]Empire 2 Interview Q List ================================================ *Japanese was translated into English. If the sentence which is not understood is found, please let me know. *Battlefield Ninjas(BFJ) Q:First, please let me know the age which becomes a stage of BF2. A: This mod occurs in current day Tokyo. You'll be able to battle it out in down town Tokyo, suburbs, mountainous maps, and much more. Q:If the site of Ninjas is seen, it turns out that a ninja is a story which fights with the Japanese police. Why did the ninja turn against the police? A: The story is still being writtenn but they turn against the police mostly because of the modern ignorance of traditional customs. The laws also, obviously, shame the ninja and do not allow the ninja to use his weapon in the cities. Q:What scale is a ninja's army? A: The scale of a ninja's army is small. The ninja has much training and techniques that make up for the size. We can't really see any server running above 32 players (not because of specifications, but because it's mostly based around close quarters combat).
You can read the rest of the inteview here or you can view their website here.
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