Battlefield Pirates Interview

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Published by Woolf 14 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Total Battlefield 2 has interviewed Detrux from the Battlefield Pirates 2 mod team. Check out what he had to say,
What new features/changes will we find in BFP2? How will it be different from the original? How will it be the same? So far in development we have been focusing almost entirely on core game play, so I cannot comment too much on new features, but I can say that BFP will be a lot friendlier to new players then BFP1 was, but it will also keep the same type of game play that the veterans from BFP1 have always loved. An example of this will be making falconets and cannons with a smaller blast radius, so new player won’t get mowed down by cannon whores. We will also be putting a much larger emphasis on team play, as having a reliable crew to man your ship will mean the difference between victory and sinking to the bottom o’ Davey Jones’ locker! What does the future hold for the BFP mod series? After releasing your mod, do you plan to move onto Battlefield 2142 or continue progress within BF2? We are going to wait and see what new features bf2142 will bring to the table, as well as what type of modding support will be available. We never ported to BF Vietnam, but if the player base for BF2142 is established, and the community truly wishes for us to make the move, then we will evaluate our options then. We’d much rather keep the community centered around BF2, instead of split between the two games, but only time will tell. There are a few features in BF2142 that I wish Dice would simply add support to for modding community in BF2 though, but I suppose if we do make the leap to 2142, there will be a few advantages.
You can check out the full interview here.
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