Battlefield Podcast - Episode 55

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Battlefield Podcast is back this week talking about the new map EA/Dice has released "Highway Tampa" [quote]Episode 55 is all about Battlefield 2. Starting with the new map released by Intel and EA DICE, Highway Tampa, and an 8 minute fly-by overview provided by the ]ESF[ Clan. What do we think? Well, it's a bit dusty out there in the desert and a tad lonely but it's a nice way to breathe new life into BF2. Next up we talk Pirates; exclusive new Pirate info, to be precise. Don't miss the news and a very strange appearance by a New York pirate. Of course we also have lots of mod updates, Frappr Shoutouts, and Bruce Hung is back! As always, premium members get this show 2 days earlier than the public, so sign up if you can't wait. Otherwise all the same goodness, such as mod updates and Frappr Shoutouts, is all here, in high resolution glory. Enjoy![/quote] [b][url="http://www.battlefieldpodcast.com/"]Listen Here[/url][/b]

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