Battlefield Podcast - Episode 58

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Sorry guys it took so long to get this up, It's been one hell of a week.... [quote]Episode 58 has a special guest host, a lot of discussion on the recent BF2 stats problems, and whether or not Highway Tampa has too many potholes or not. We discuss the latest patch for Battlefield 2142 and why it has taken this long to get a kit save feature. We also cover the latest mod updates, Frappr Shoutouts, and the best way to deal with engineer equipped tank squads. As always, premium members get this show earlier than the public, so sign up if you can't wait. Otherwise all the same goodness, such as mod updates and Frappr Shoutouts, is all here, in high resolution glory. Enjoy![/quote] [url="http://www.battlefieldpodcast.com/"]Listen here[/url]

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