Battleground Frontlines - Update #68

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The BattleGroup Frontlines people have given us some info on their latest patch.

Hello and welcome to a new Battlegroup - Frontlines Update. Today we unfortunately cannot give you new information about a possible release date of the patch, but we still have some information and pictures that will satisfy you.

First of all we would like to welcome a new developer, whose name is Gerhart. He will support our PR section with his talent and take screenshots and videos for you.

Now we want to present some information and pictures about our patch. It is already known that we will add a few maps and change gameplay only and we have already shown off the map "Fall 1943". Today we concentrate on our second map for the patch. It was created by Tomcraft and is a conversion of the BG42-Map "Dnjepr River", who huskerpat was responsible for. It was already released under the same name for BGF, but we decided to redo the map once again due to performance issues. This resulted in "Operation Edelweiss". Every world war II freak now knows what this map is about. It plays in the Caucasus or respectively close to the Caucasus. The so called "Edelweiss"-troops fought there from july 1942 on to try to get control of the important oil fields near the town of Baku. Partially this operation succeeded, but after the German loss in Stalingrad they had to leave the region. Now let us come to the pictures, of which the most were taken by Gerhart.

As you can see on the screenshots there are soldiers and tanks, who are bots. All singleplayer fans should be happy now, but there is more great Informationen for you. Our bot coder pacman28 did not only spent bots to this map. No, he added bot support to more than 3/4 of our maps, of which one of them is our other new map "Fall 1943". That means that you can enjoy almost everything of BGF in our new release in singleplayer.

That`s it for today, we hope to see you again.

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